What am I doing?

Here I sit, staring at the WordPress screen, starting a blog.  Another gaming blog is just about the last thing the internet needs, yet I continue unabated.  On a personal level, this is also a terrible time to be starting a blog given that my free time has dwindled to almost none on account of my baby daughter.  This lack of free time has been somewhat of a blessing in disguise however, in that I appreciate any time spent playing games even more.  Perhaps my inability to play has increased my desire to talk about games.  Who knows?

Regardless, here I am.  My aim for this blog is to discuss the game(s) that I’m playing at the time of writing.  For the immediate future, that means Everquest 2.  I really like the idea of using the blog to follow my in game characters quests and progress, so that’s what I’ll do for the immediate future.  One of my first posts will be an introduction to my main EQ2 character and my alts.  Where I go from there is left to be determined.

I can’t promise daily updates, but I’ll sure as heck try.  In the next few days I’ll try and find the time to create my own style/theme for the site.  I’m not putting a high priority on that however, as content is king, or so they say.

Welcome to Timesink!

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