Character Profile: Davyydeous

Level 70 Barbarian Berserker
Level 61 Armorer
Status: Main, Active

DavyydeousDavyydeous is my main character in Everquest 2, created on April 10, 2005. I never really had much interest in EQ2, or any MMO at the time for that matter. Despite a friend begging me almost daily to start playing the game, I couldn’t justify the monthly fee to myself. A few months after release, the aforementioned friend sent me a link to the Trial of the Isle seven day demo.

With the demo loaded, I started the game up and soon found myself at the character creation screen. Keep in mind that I hadn’t been following the game; I didn’t know much about it at all, let alone what each of the character classes did. I quickly read the class descriptions and eventually decided on the berserker simply because it sounded cool. All I knew was that I wanted to swing a sword and kill stuff; I didn’t know what “tanking” meant, or “aggro”, “taunting”, etc. When it came to the characters’ name I drew a blank. I’m usually kind of particular when it comes to naming my avatars and won’t name them until I’ve got a name that I really like, and fits the character. With this demo however, I didn’t put much thought into it. I honestly thought I’d play the demo for its seven days and never come back, so I just made my own name (David) sound fantasy-ish and added some stupid spelling to boot. Thus, Davyydeous (Dah-vid-E-us) was born, and I’m still embarrassed with that name to this day.

I really enjoyed my time with the trial, but was disappointed to be restricted to the small island zone, and from what I remember you were restricted to level seven. Nevertheless, I was hooked. The next little while was spent convincing my wife to let me play, in addition to convincing her to play as well. I eventually got the green light to play, bought the game, and brought Davyydeous back to life. In hindsight, I probably should have re-rolled a new character, but I was too eager to get playing.

I remember it taking forever to level Davy up; part of that was the slower xp gain at the time, but the main reasons were because I solo’d most of the time and also didn’t really know the game very well. Davy spent what seemed like several months in the Commonlands, and to be honest, I wasn’t having a whole lot of fun. Davy eventually joined a guild, but it was a small, very casual guild, who’s members all seemed to be off doing their own thing. We never raided, or really did much group activity at all, so Davy was left to solo most of the time, and grind his way up in levels. A select few characters from the guild, Davy included, eventually found themselves adventuring more and more with another guild. This enabled Davy to complete the prismatic weapon series of quests. This quest line sucked me right in, I was loving it. For the first time I felt like I was doing something epic, something that mattered. It was tough (Sol’s Eye), but worth it (seeing Darathar for the first time). This quest gave me a taste of what the game was really about. Davy joined this other guild and started to really play the game. Perhaps this will be a topic for a future post, but your guild can really make a huge difference towards your enjoyment of the game.

Davy soon found himself equipped in better gear, grouping far more often, and learning how to tank. He reached level 70 on September 29, 2006. Unfortunately, his guild began to die, losing players to other games. As of this writing, Davy finds himself in a larger guild that raids three or four times a week, hitting up all the “end game” raids. Davy has only tagged along on a few of the raids as he’s not quite up to full raiding calibre just yet, in addition to the fact I’ve got too many real life commitments with the new baby to dedicate time to the game. Given time though, I hope to get him into most of the high end raids.

Aside from getting into raiding, there’s still quite a few things I hope to accomplish with Davy. This is the beauty of Everquest 2 in my opinion. Davy’s been level 70 for quite awhile now and yet there’s still so many things I want to do with him. Specifically, I’d like to finish up his tradeskilling. As of this writing, he’s a level 61 armorer. Honestly, I never thought I’d spend any time with the tradeskills. Just as in choosing my class, I figured being an armorer would be kind of cool, so that’s why I chose that profession. I didn’t really start the tradeskilling process in earnest until I was adventure level 50 or so, which means I never got a chance to make my own armor (aside for one of my alts). This will be a slow process for me, because quite honestly, it’s not a fun grind. I can’t believe the amount of raw resources it takes to level up, and competing for ore nodes in Kingdom of Sky is not the most exciting thing to do.

Davy’s main focus for the next little while is going to be completing the Claymore line (he’s still stuck in Sanctum of the Scaleborn) and Deathtoll access, in addition to completing some other Heritage Quests. Davy’s upcoming journeys will be a big part of this blog over the next little while. When all is said and done, I’m very happy with Davy; the Berserker class fits my play style very well, and I’m looking forward to killing a lot more mobs in the coming days.

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