Enter the Sanctum

Enter the SanctumFor the past while I’ve slowly been working on the Claymore quest line with Davyydeous. Slowly is the key word here, given that there’s quite a few quests to do, many of which include steps that require a certain spawn. I’ve found it difficult to find a group to help me with this quest line, mostly because everyone seems to have already completed the Sanctum of the Scaleborn part of the line, or because everyone is on different parts of the quest. Davyydeous is currently on Trading Information. The other night a few guildies were putting a group together to head down to the forge area in the Sanctum. Knowing that the book I needed to examine to start off Trading Information was in a room close to the forge, I jumped at the chance to join the group.

It was soon discovered that myself and another of the group members needed to slay Gylton, the drake needed for the Thorn of Old quest, so we took a quick detour to kill him. We made short work of Gylton then continued onwards to the forge. While the two group members who required the forge did their thing, the rest of the group headed off to the Exarch’s Seclusion to find the book that Davyydeous needed. After reading the book, I learned that I needed to kill Exarch Trulnariz, who spawns in that same room.

It was here where my bad luck with the spawn gods came into play. I’ve traditionally had fairly bad luck when it comes to needed quest mobs. Back when Davyydeous was working on Berik’s Revenge, I must have camped, and waited for eons to finally kill Lord Byron. Every time I logged in, I’d head to Stormhold (if I wasn’t there already) to check on him. If he wasn’t up, I’d clear the room, and wait. And wait. And wait some more. I continued this for what seemed like months. Eventually I managed to slay him, and there was much rejoicing.

Anyway, back to Exarch Trulnariz. We killed his placeholder again and again, with no sign of Trulnariz. I didn’t keep track of the time, but I’m sure we were in that room for a solid two hours, with no luck at all. This to me is one of the most painful elements of Everquest 2. Nothing kills a good group faster than an un-spawning quest update. Sure enough, one of our healers needed to leave, which was soon followed by our other healer and a Coercer. That was the end of the group, and we gated home. To me, there’s nothing better about this game than getting into a good group and heading out to slay some mobs. Unfortunately, I’ve been in far too many groups that decide to quit because their momentum (and fun) is ended simply due to waiting for spawns.

Fighting in the Sanctum of the ScalebornI don’t want all the needed mobs to be available immediately, that would be far too easy, but the process does begin to wear a little thin after killing the placeholder for hours on end. The other thing I was wondering about, is if you didn’t have access to people who have completed the quest before, or guides on the internet, how would you ever know you were on the right track? There’s nothing in the quest journal that says Exarch Trulnariz will be in that room. I’m sure after spending a couple hours in that room killing things you may conclude that the guy you need isn’t in that room.

Oh well. Trulnariz… watch out. I’m coming for you and eventually, I will get you.

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