Character Profile: Ordeth

Level 26 Erudite Coercer
Level 9 Artisan
Status: Alt, Active

OrdethOrdeth is the second of my two active alts and is quickly becoming a favourite of mine, which is why he’s being profiled ahead of my other active alt. Created October 21, 2006, I was looking for another character that I could play for the times where I needed a break from Davyydeous. My other alt was tied closely to one of my wife’s characters and I didn’t want to play that character without her, so I was looking for something completely new.

I knew I didn’t want another fighter, I already two plate fighters (Davyydeous, plus a Paladin alt), plus my wife has a monk that she enjoys playing. I already have a healer (the character I play with my wife – profile coming soon), and a Necromancer I rolled on a PvP server. I also knew I wanted a character that could solo reasonably well, as I didn’t have any plans to join a guild (this was going to be my “escape” character), and I’m not one to join too many pick-up groups. I was initially leaning towards creating another Necromancer, but eventually decided against it because I already had the PvP one, plus it seems like there’s a lot of Necro’s on our server as it is.

I began to look a little closer at the Coercer. The idea that it could be a pet class if you wanted it to be one, but wasn’t restricted to it was very appealing to me. Also appealing was the whole idea of mezzing your opponents and the great crowd control abilities of the class. What really sealed the deal for me was reading through the official Everquest 2 forums and seeing many comments regarding the Coercer’s soloing potential. With the right level of spells and skill, there wasn’t too much a Coercer shouldn’t be able to do solo. It was then that I decided to create Ordeth the Coercer.

I chose the Erudite race simply because of its high starting intelligence stat, plus I wanted something a little different looking, but not too much so. I soon found myself headed to the Outpost of the Overlord, my first experience with the starting zone since its revamp from the Isle of Refuge. I definitely enjoyed the new starting zone, I thought it was very well done. There was definitely a bit of a learning curve to the character. I suppose I was too used to playing Davyydeous because it took a little while for me to cope with the cloth-wearing squishy’s fragility.

It didn’t take long to finish up on the Outpost, and Ordeth soon found himself in Freeport, running through many of the same beginner quests I had ran a few times before with other characters. I definitely felt a certain amount of nostalgia going through those zones again, and I made sure to actually read all the quest text I received. As I became more familiar with the Coercer, I became more comfortable soloing, and began enjoying the class even more. When done just right, I found I was able to solo triple-up heroics that were a level or two above me; something that would be unthinkable with Davyydeous. I take great satisfaction in keeping a mob rooted while I hit him from afar and take control of his henchmen and turn them on each other. The bad thing is, if a mez, root, or charm breaks at the wrong time, I’m dead, period.

I took a bit of a break from Ordeth to focus more time on Davyydeous, but am now getting back to him. The levelling seems to go well, I think due mostly to my familiarity with the game now. I’m not doing too many quests with Ordeth, focusing instead on killing mobs and nameds. Currently at level 26, I’ve caught up to one of my wifes alts, a 28 Warden, and we’ve started questing together. So far this seems to be a fairly effective duo, aside from the fact we have no tank.

I’m enjoying playing Ordeth more by the day, and I fully intend on getting him to max level. There’s no telling how long that will take, but I’m focused more on having fun with him, rather than driving towards a specific level. There will undoubtedly be many tales of Ordeths adventures here in the coming weeks.

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  1. Hiyas! Great stuff–I just noticed your link to my blog–I will reciprocate and put you on my blogroll as well. I enjoyed your profiles–good luck on the new venture! I am going to add your feed as well 🙂

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