Hero of Maj’Dul

Towers of Maj’DulA couple of weeks ago Davyydeous completed the The Courts of Maj’Dul quest lines and earned the title Hero of Maj’Dul. I was thoroughly impressed with this quest line and regret not having completed it while it was still level-appropriate. When the Desert of Flames expansion came out I was under the impression that you could align your character with only one of the courts. I decided to go with the Court of the Blades simply because it seemed the most appropriate for a Berserker. The guild I was in at the time didn’t pay much attention to the court quests, I think they couldn’t be bothered with the faction grinding, so Davyydeous solo’d most of the way through the Blades quests, grouping only when needed.

I was quite proud when Davyydeous became Vanguard of the Blade; I enjoyed the quests, and loved the title, which I didn’t see too many other characters sporting. I figured at this time, that I was more or less “done” with Desert of Flames. I had progressed through all the major quest lines (still waiting for Godking Anuk though), and Davyydeous had moved on to the Kingdom of Sky.

One day however, Davyydeous found himself walking through Maj’Dul when all of a sudden he was jumped by a band of Rujarkian orcs. The orcs were all over Maj’Dul in fact. I asked in guild chat if there was some sort of world event going on or something because I had never seen these orcs in Maj’Dul before. That’s when I learned of the Fate and Destiny quest, which becomes available after completing the faction quests for each of the three courts.

So it was, that not too long ago I found myself without anything else to do and started earning the respect of the Court of Truth. I ran up and down the towers of Maj’Dul, killing the guards and taking their coins for turn in at the Tower of the Moon. Up and down, lather, rinse and repeat. While it didn’t take quite as long as expected, raising my faction was still a bit of a pain, but I eventually gained entrance to the Court of Truth and began their quests. At level 70, these quests are a breeze, and soon enough I earned the Paragon of Truth title and moved on to gaining faction with the Court of the Coin. Up and down the towers I went, lathering, rinsing and repeating, eventually earning my Vindicator of the Coin title. Finally, I was off to Pillars of Flame to talk to Akharem to begin the Fate and Destiny quest.

While doing these quests I made a conscious effort to read all the quest text and follow the story. Yes, shamefully, I’m usually a Quicky Quest Clicker, ignoring the text, but I wasn’ t in a hurry so decided to follow along. I’m glad I did. The court quests are very well done, and I especially enjoyed Of Fate and Destiny. I would say it’s one of the few quest lines that has a big, epic feel to it. I could only imagine how it would have felt doing it when Davyydeous was level 60 instead of 70; there’s some pretty tough content in there.

The best moment for me came on the step that triggers the orc invasion of Maj’Dul. It felt really cool to have an effect on the game world like that; to see the orcs come running into Maj’Dul and start killing its citizens, and to see all the towers taken over by the Tears assassins and Rujarkian raiders. The pinnacle was seeing someone in 60-69 chat ask, “anyone know what the hell is going on in Maj’Dul? There are orcs everywhere.” That was cool, knowing that I caused that. For the next while I kept going back to Maj’Dul to check on it, and I think it was about a week before all the towers were back to normal.

Hero of Maj’DulYes, the faction grind can be a bit of a pain, but this quest line is worth it in my opinion. It’s not often you get a sense that what you do matters in the game, but that’s exactly what I got out of this quest line… and a pretty cool title to boot. Davyydeous, Hero of Maj’Dul.

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