Ding Ding Ding!

Ordeth and SaryanMost of my play time lately has been spent with Ordeth, and I’m really liking the Coercer class. I especially like pairing up with my wife’s Warden, Saryan; It’s so nice having a healer wherever you go. Because we never know how long we’ll be able to play for, we’ve stayed away from grouping with others, and so far we’ve done fairly well as a duo. Ordeth has been doing the “tanking”, if you could call it that, mostly through using charmed pets to pull, then using roots and mezzes to control the fight. Saryan is an awesome healer, which is so nice because I never worry about looking at my health bar at all; I just make sure she doesn’t have any mobs on her.

The Crawler QueenA few days ago Ordeth and Saryan ventured into the Ruins of Varsoon to see what sort of trouble they could find. Not far from the entrance they came upon a pit filled with nasty looking spiders skittering all around their queen, The Crawler Queen. After clearing a path to the queen, Ordeth rooted her, so that they could focus on her henchmen who didn’t prove to be any challenge at all. With the henchmen gone, the queen didn’t stand a chance. I almost forgot to screenshot the queen, so the picture isn’t the greatest, and in fact it looks like Saryan (in wolf form) is sniffing somewhere very inappropriate and has caught Ordeth off guard.

Ordeth Dinging 30We went as far into the Ruins as we could go, but soon ran into some mobs we wouldn’t be able to handle. Instead, we’ve been running around the Enchanted Lands carrying out various deeds for the locals. With most of the mobs and quests in the zone being yellow or orange to Ordeth, the experience came fast, and he soon made level 30.

The next night we headed back to the Enchanted Lands to continue with some quests, when a fellow adventurer asked if anyone was able to help kill a named wasp, Burnspear. Ordeth and Saryan were right there so we answered the call. The two of us, along with a Ranger and an Assassin made short work of the wasp, but I was too busy rooting and mezzing some adds to take a screenshot of it. After the fight the group leader asked if we all wanted to head to Runnyeye. We said we’d go so long as they knew that one of either myself or Saryan could potentially have to leave at a moment’s notice because of the baby. “Of course! No problem,” was the reply, which is pretty much what I’ve come to expect of the EQ2 community; very understanding. We added a Guardian to the group and headed out.

Just outside the door we noticed the Sludge Creep was swimming around in the water, and without hesitation the group jumped down to engage him. This was a tough fight; the Sludge Creep is a level 39^^^ named, while our groups average level was around 33. Saryan had to continuously mash her heal spells to keep the Guardian on his feet, but sure enough we brought the Creep down. With that, we headed into Runnyeye.

Ordeth Dinging 31I’ve always liked Runnyeye; I love the mobs in the zone, and have always found the xp to be plentiful. That was certainly the case on this night, as we tore through the beginning of the zone. We took out a Clay Insurgent, Mudslinger, and a Gorehorn Hammerhead, among others. I think I was having too much fun to bother taking notes on all our kills. Ordeth quickly dinged 31, then 32 just before the group called it quits for the night. Unfortunately Saryan couldn’t stay the entire time, but she did manage to get some good xp herself, dinging level 33.

Ordeth Dinging 32All in all, it’s been a very successful few days for the dynamic duo. I’ll say it again, I am loving the Coercer class and hope I can manage to get Ordeth into some of the higher end instances. For now though, it was nice to have Ordeth take part in a larger group; in fact, I think this was my first grouping experience with Ordeth outside of Saryan. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing our group get swarmed by mobs only to have Ordeth put them all to sleep so that we can deal with them one on one.

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