The Beating of his Hideous Heart!

Nektropos CastleAfter spending some time in the Enchanted Lands over the past while, Ordeth and Saryan were looking for a change of scenery and soon found themselves invited to a group that was heading into Nektropos Castle. I personally love this zone, from the quests, to the mobs, and most of all, the atmosphere. Actually, I’ve always liked Nektulos Forest in general, and have mostly fond memories of my adventures there with Davyydeous. Picture the ferocious Barbarian Berserker sprinting madly through the forest, a flock of flaming bats and owl bears hot on his heels, only to get killed by a crab at the foot of the docks. Good times. Not to mention the snakes. I remember constantly getting attacked by snakes just up the main path from the Commonlands and it drove me nuts. I always had a hard time seeing them through the grass and would walk right into them.

Travelling through the zone is much easier now of course, with the addition of the griffon towers, and with most of the angry mobs no longer hanging out by the roads. Even the road up to Nektropos Castle was void of the mobs that used to roam there; my how things have changed. With the group assembled outside the doors of the castle, we headed in. In addition to Saryan (Warden) and Ordeth (Coercer), we had a Shadowknight, Guardian, Swashbuckler, and Conjurer. This was the first time in the zone for all of our characters, and in fact, I was the only one who had previous experience with the zone at all.

Nektropos CastleIt had been a while, but I remembered what to do well enough. We spoke to Alexa to start the whole process, then headed to the game room, followed by the hidden staircase to reach the second level and start the lockets quest. We didn’t have much trouble at all, wiping the mobs out like clockwork, until the room that had both Melanie and Crysta in it. We weren’t really paying attention and more or less stumbled into them. The two plate wearers went down fairly quickly, followed by Saryan, the Conjurer, then the Swashy, until Ordeth was the only one left standing. I quickly threw out my group mezz followed by some roots. I squeezed in some damage spells in between roots and actually managed to hold my own for a little while. Just when I started thinking that I was some sort of hero and was actually going to be able to kill the sisters, one of my roots broke and Ordeth soon found himself crumpled in a heap on the floor. Oh well.

Lord EverlingWe revived and headed back to exact our revenge which came swiftly this time. The rest of the way was a piece of cake. Down to the basement we went, the heartbeat getting ever louder, and made our way towards Lord Everling. The confrontation with Everling could have gone smoother, but ended well for us due in no small part to Saryan’s excellent healing. Ordeth managed to charm one of the servants and got him to do some of the dirty work as well. After all was said and done, we did quite well, I just wish Ordeth had progressed the Hadden’s Earring quest up to the Everling part. No biggy though, as I said, I like Nek castle and will happily return.

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