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I managed to arrange for some time to run Davyydeous through a raid on the Laboratory of Lord Vyemm with the guild last night. As I’ve mentioned a few times, it can be difficult setting aside the required time for these things lately, which makes me appreciate them all the more. It works out well for me because I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a raider. I enjoy going on the odd raid now and then, but I certainly wouldn’t want to do it every night. I’m fortunate that Davyydeous is in a guild that runs a fairly regular raid schedule that doesn’t require attendance. So it was with great excitement that I logged in, checked the broker, and headed to The Bonemire.

The Slavering AlzidAfter disembarking from my transport cloud on to the Halls of Fate island, I made my way towards the bridge. There was an “interesting discussion” taking place in the level 60 to 69 chat that I was rather enjoying to the detriment of poor Davyydeous, who had been pointed in the direction of the bridge and set to auto-run. Focussed on the chat window, I failed to realize that my fearsome Berserker had been stunned and was now surrounded by many angry droags who were only too happy to chip away at his precious health. I snapped to attention and started running away, only to realize I had forgotten to mount up on my horse again after the cloud ride. After getting stunned for what seemed like the fiftieth time, Davyydeous’ health bar turned orange. “Sweet merciful crap,” I thought to myself, “I do not want the embarrassment of being a plate tank and dying on the bridge.” Fortunately I made it out okay, I guess my sprinting scared them off, and Davyydeous joined the rest of the raid force hanging out on the wall just outside the Labs zone entrance. I wonder if the Doomwings that are walking around the Halls of Fate island ever get a little curious as to why so many adventurers like to just hang out there on the wall. Also, what is it about the wall that scares them off? Can they not fly? “Get ’em boys! … oh… forget it, they’re on the wall.”

Uustalastus XiterraxRight on schedule we started zoning in, which seemed to be taking longer than normal, when I was presented with a game window telling me it was “trying login server #1.” Stupid internet connection. After a frantic reboot of my router I was back in business, and ready to go, just slightly nervous that my internet connection would take another holiday. The Labs have become quite routine for our guild, and we began cutting through the mobs like a hot knife through butter. We dropped The Slavering Alzid rather quickly, and painlessly, followed by the other named mobs as we ripped through the zone.

Lord VyemmAs for drops, the plate wearers weren’t getting any love. I didn’t write down what dropped, but going from memory, I can recall seeing lots of chain armour, priest, bruiser/monk, and scout items. It wasn’t until towards the end of the raid that I could even roll on a drop, a set of relic plate gauntlets. I rolled a mighty 14, but the only other character to roll on them said they could go to Davyydeous as they’d be more of an upgrade. Mediocre equipment for the win! The relic plate chest piece would later drop off Lord Vyemm, but I had to pass given that I had already looted the gauntlets. We actually wiped the first time we tried Vyemm, as we failed to separate him from Alzid Prime. You can see in the picture that he’s about to have me for lunch. Davyydeous actually went down almost instantly, but his Vision of Madness combat art kicked in and brought him back to life, which gave me some time to whip off a few screenshots.

The second try went according to plan, followed by a quick smack-down of Alzid Prime, ending our raid. Eager to equip my first piece of relic gear I quickly headed out to Solusek’s Eye to get my gauntlets forged. Sol’s Eye is easily one of my favourite zones in EQ2, but that can be a post for another day.

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