Pulled Some Taggro

Gaff over at Trot Line tagged me the other day, and I’ve been asked to provide five reasons as to why I blog.  Not sure I can come up with five, but let’s give it a shot.

1. It’s a fun little hobby.  I’ve always had an interest in writing, just not big huge novels, or short stories, or for that matter, anything that makes any sense.   So here I am!

2. I like playing games, and in turn, talking about them.  This is an ideal forum to do so.

3. It’s a great way to show off Everquest II to all of my co-workers stuck on World of Warcraft.

4. Isn’t it mandatory these days for everyone to have a blog of some sort?

5. A friend of mine told me to, and I said, “Yeah, why not?”

So now I’m supposed to tag three others, but I’m a little late to the game here and all the other related blogs I read have already been tagged.  Plus, given that I’m new to this little blogging community, I can only imagine that anyone I tag would just wonder who this Timesink doofus was and reach for the delete key.

The reasons listed above are more or less why I do this, but I must say I was inspired mostly by Aggro Me and Journeys with Jaye.  Aggro Me due to its daily discussions of EQ2, and because it was the first EQ2 related blog I came across, and Journeys with Jaye because of its format following the writers in-game characters.

In all honesty, I never anticipated much of an audience and was quite surprised to see links to my site appear on other blogs.  That was almost nerve-wracking (uh-oh, I have to keep updating now!), but kind of cool as well.

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