Exarch Trulnariz is a Chicken

I logged Davyydeous in quickly last night to do some self torturing… I mean transmuting, when I noticed one of my guildmates up in Sanctum of the Scaleborn. As mentioned before, I’ve been stuck on the SoS series of quests for the Claymore line for quite some time now, and it would give me no end of pleasure to have that part of the quest line done. I had just put the baby down and she was sound asleep with no signs of waking, and my wife was off at a concert, so I had some time to kill. I sent my guildy a quick tell casually asking what he was up to in SoS. “Heading down to the forge,” was his reply, “do you want to tag along?” I kicked my horse into high gear and screamed across the Commonlands to get to the overland portal.

Soon enough, Davyydeous found himself at the entrance to the Sanctum, the bane of his existence. We were a pretty powerful group and managed to work our way through SoS in what must have been record time for me. Our first stop was the room with Gylton so that one of the other group members could get his oak shaft for the Thorn of Old quest. It’s then that I realized that I could have done that part too had I simply talked to the frog at the bottom of the Tenebrous Tangle waterfall to update my quest before heading into SoS. Dang.

That done, we made our way to the Exarchs chamber with me praying to the spawn gods every step of the way that he’d be up. Davyydeous opened the doors, and anxiously watched them open at a snails pace. “Please be up, please be up, please be up…” No such luck. There stood the Herald of Dar where the Exarch should have been, taunting me, looking so very smug. I’m pretty sure I saw him wink at Davyydeous. We killed him, along with Relickeeper Zarinis who happened to be up (wrong spawn you cruel spawn overlords!).

There was business to be done at the forge for the other group members’ Thorn of Old quest so we headed there and took care of that before coming back to the Exarch’s room. Again, the doors opened slowly, I scanned the room… CRAP! The Herald of Dar again, all smug-like… again… winking and stuff. Oh, and looky here, Relickeeper Zarinis was back, and he was laughing at Davyydeous too. We killed the Relickeeper again and then the group called it a night. My conclusion? Exarch Trulnariz is scared of me and won’t show his face. I can’t say I blame him, but I hate him for it.

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  1. I think the Exarch is too scared to spawn from the beating I gave him the last time I was in that room.

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