Val’Marr is Nice, Exarch Still a Stupidface

I’m about to go insane over this Exarch Trulnariz fool. I was logged in as Ordeth doing some random adventuring with my wife when a friend of mine sent me a tell to inform me that a couple of guild mates were starting up a Sanctum of the Scaleborn group to work on Trading Information. My wife was just about to log off anyway, so I switched to Davyydeous and joined the group. Once more I found myself heading down to the Exarch’s chamber, praying to the spawn gods that Trulnariz would show his face. I’ll save you the long story, and just tell you that in almost four hours of killing the same stuff over and over, the group gave up (it was close to 2:00AM) without ever catching so much as a sniff of Trulnariz. Anticipating a long spawn I decided to keep track of how many times we killed his placeholder, the Herald of Dar. I stopped counting after the eighth time. By my count, I’ve now spent nine and a half hours in total trying to get this guy. Even more frustrating was the fact one of our group members mentioned he had been in another group earlier in the day that managed to kill Trulnariz four times. “He just kept popping,” he said. Sweet, I’m so happy for you.

Rama’naiAt least Ordeth had some success this weekend. I was running him through the Commonlands when I decided to check on Rama’nai for the Return of the Light heritage quest. I wasn’t really actively working on that quest as it has long since turned grey, but I figured I’d try and get it out of the way. The placeholder, a wandering pride lioness, was up so I made quick work of her and settled into my spawn camp. Not five minutes later Rama’nai appeared before me and was dead even quicker. Next up were the orc captains, Gaer and Ogof. I spent about twenty minutes running back and forth between their spawn points and killing their placeholders (Reag and Fogo – very creative!) before they were dead as well. Knowing that the High Priest of Val’Marr can be a lengthy camp I decided to head over to his tower and see if he was up, and logged out when he wasn’t, leaving it for the next day. When I next logged Ordeth in, I killed the skeletons on the top of the tower for about fifteen minutes before Val’Marr showed up. I knew Ordeth wouldn’t be able to solo the next part of the quest, killing General Drull in Bloodskull Valley, but I thought I’d check it out anyway. I killed the lookout before he could tell all the other orcs of my presence, but after a few minutes they rushed me anyway, and I made a hasty retreat.

I then logged back into Davyydeous to check out the Warg mount quest, which took all of ten minutes for him to complete. I didn’t end up buying a Warg though, as it wasn’t that long ago that I got my War-barded Black Cavalry, and I’m completely broke. Besides, it seems like everywhere I turn I see the new mounts running around. Personally speaking, I would have liked to have seen a much more involved quest to get the mount, especially considering the difficulty of the carpet quest in comparison. Oh well.

I’m sure I’ll regret saying this, but I’m making a vow to kill that stupid Exarch by the end of next weekend. Any chance I get to play this week will be dedicated to getting Davyydeous into a SoS group. I’m not sure how successful I’ll be (well, I have an idea), but you’ll be able to read about it here.

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