Mission Complete

Exarch TrulnarizWith the weekend nearing an end last night, Davyydeous found himself at the gates to the Sanctum of the Scaleborn hoping to make good on my vow to kill Exarch Trulnariz. There was a group meeting up at the entrance so I asked if they happened to be heading down to the Exarch’s Chamber. “Nope, not going that deep,” was the reply. I waited some more, scanning the out of character chat, when I saw, “SoS Claymore group needs one more.” I quickly sent a tell to see what part of Claymore they were working on, and asked to join up when I was told An Uneasy Alliance, just two quests away from Trading Information.

We quickly blew threw the zone, the group consisting of Davyydeous as main tank, a 67 Shadowknight, a 69 Mystic, a 59 Fury, a 70 Warlock, and a 70 Wizard. It wasn’t long until we were all on Trading Information, and headed towards the Exarch’s Chamber. It was approaching midnight at this point, so to be honest, I didn’t have high hopes that the group would last much longer, so I was really hoping the Exarch would spawn quickly.

We entered the room only to see the all to familiar Herald of Dar staring back at us. We cleared the room, and settled in for the camp. Someone in the group asked if it was going to be a long spawn… I didn’t want to jinx us, so I didn’t go on about my experiences camping him. When Relickeeper Zarinis spawned on the left side of the room I started to wonder about things. We had cleared the right side of the room first, so I would have expected either the Exarch or his placeholder to spawn before the left side, but that wasn’t the case. A few minutes later, I saw him. Standing there, looking right at us, was my “White Whale.” When all was said and done, the fight was quite anti-climactic, lasting all of fifteen seconds. It’s been a while however, since a quest ding has felt so good.

We hung around killing harbingers for the next step of the quest, managing only one key before the group disbanded. I feel much better about my progression on the Claymore line having that guy killed, and will hopefully be out of SoS soon.

The other bit of good news Davy had, was a successful roll on a Wizard master spell, Fusion, that dropped. The Wizard in the group already had it and announced a free for all. I’ll be shipping that off to my wife’s Wizard as soon as possible.

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  1. Good news for the Claymore line! Buck up little guy!

    Quests in the Claymore and Infiltrating lines in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn as well as Barren Skies and Palace of the Awakened that targeted rare named mobs have been modified to also update on their place holders. A couple quests have been modified to target new mobs in the same rooms to accommodate these changes.

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