Rise of Kunark

I still haven’t finished gushing over the new content coming to Everquest II, and lo and behold, eq2.allakhazam.com is announcing a fourth expansion called Rise of Kunark.  This has been rumoured for some time of course, but now it appears we have some confirmation, along with some details.  Check out Everquest II Allakhazam to read more, but here are a couple of highlights:

  • New player race, the Sarnak
  • New starting area,  Timorous Deep
  • Level cap raised to 80 (adventure and tradeskill)
  • More weapons and armour
  • New mount, The Kunarkian Rhinoceros

Definitely some cool sounding stuff in there, I certainly can’t wait to find out more.  If this expansion is anywhere near as good as Echoes of Faydwer, we’re in for some great stuff.  I just hope I finish my Claymore quest line before I ding 80.

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