Peacock Club; Nerf Shadowknights

Fountain of LifeIt’s been a long time coming, but after weeks of farming eyes in Silent City, our guild headed into the Fountain of Life to kill Godking Anuk. Davyydeous had two quests to complete in here, Restoring the Vessel, and Wrapping it All Up, the final step in the Peacock Club timeline. Davy has had both of these quests sitting in his journal for quite some time now, just waiting for a chance to finish them.

Looking back now at the Peacock Club, I have to say I enjoy this sort of epic quest series, but at the time, it definitely drove me nuts. I remember many quests that involved hunting for items located throughout Maj’Dul and the Living Tombs, and a few of my least favourite kind of quest – timed events. This was also at a time when everything in the Living Tombs was still aggro to me and, because I didn’t want her falling too far behind, I was two-boxing with my wife’s Wizard. I’m not the best two-boxer in the world, and let me tell you, there are few things as painful as trying to finish Finding My Way by yourself, let alone with a squishy Wizard auto-following you. It took a few tries, and many curse words, but I eventually got into a perfect rhythm and got it done. I think I got it to the point where I quite possibly could have done it blindfolded, but I’m not about to prove that claim.

Fountain of LifeSo while there were some painful moments, and the quest reward is well past its usefulness to me, the quest line as a whole was really well done. I also happen to think that the Living Tombs and Silent City are some of the best zones in the game, with some great quests to do. I really like both the architecture and the mobs in the zones and am very much looking forward to getting my alts into those zones to do the whole thing over again. Mind you, by the time I get my alts leveled up, Rise of Kunark (hey, there’s a website!) may be out and I’ll be pushing Davy to level 80. Man, I love this game.

After turning in my Wrapping it All Up quest, a friend (70 Shadowknight) and I did some dueling in Maj’Dul. Talk about getting humbled. I don’t duel often, just on rare occasions for a quick laugh, so I don’t take it seriously, but wow, did I feel inadequate. I barely even got close to the Shadowknight through all the knockbacks. I tried offensive stance, defensive stance, one hander with shield, two hander… nothing worked. Just to pour some salt in my wounds, I found out he didn’t even use harm touch or death march. Dang. Those Shadowknights sure do get a lot of toys to play with. Nerf ’em I say. 🙂

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  1. As I recall you won the last duel where I used Feign Death. The possum maneuver didn’t pay off.

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