Character Profile: Elrahir

Level 44 High Elf Mystic
Level 38 Tailor
Status: Alt, Active

ElrahirElrahir was the third character I created, the first being Davyydeous, the second being a Paladin who I leveled to 37 and haven’t played in quite some time (and probably won’t play again), yet I just can’t bring myself to delete. After so much time playing plate-wearing fighters, Elrahir was born out of a desire to experience something different.

This was the first character that I really put some thought into. At the time, all I knew was that I wanted to try something other than a fighter, and was leaning towards a healer. I read up on all the healing classes in the game, both in the forums and in the games manual to see which class appealed to me the most. I immediately ruled out both the Fury and Defiler classes, as my friends (and frequent group mates) already had one of each. Of the remaining classes, I kept coming back to the Mystic.

What really appealed to me about the class was its use of wards to prevent damage from occurring in the first place, as opposed to simply healing the damage that had already been dealt, which the Mystic can also do. That, plus it can wear chain armour, so it can take a hit or too, which was important because I anticipated doing a fair amount of soloing with this character. Given that priest classes generally don’t solo as well as others, the early levels for me were a bit tough. I think I was so used to my plate fighters being able to take a fair amount of punishment, that it took a while for me to get accustomed to my more fragile healer. As I grew more comfortable with Elrahir, and got to know the class a little better, I developed a nice rhythm and was soon soloing fairly well. I found myself playing, and enjoying, Elrahir more each day, and even found the frequent tells asking if I could come heal for a group a refreshing change of pace from my fighters. For once it felt nice to play a class that groups needed.

I eventually leveled Elrahir up enough to start grouping with another of my wife’s alts, a Monk. We began duoing a lot, and have found this to be a very successful tandem. We recently entered the Sinking Sands to begin the Desert of Flames content, and the push to level 47 to begin the carpet quest has kept us focused on these particular characters. I now will only adventure with Elrahir if I’ve got my wife’s monk by his side.

As for his tradeskill, I’ve found Elrahir’s tailoring services to be in high demand, both from my Coercer alt, as well as my wife’s alts, the Monk and Warden. I’ve been leveling the tailoring skill quite steadily, outfitting our characters as I go. It’s been nice doing the tailoring with a purpose in mind, rather than just grinding through the levels. In general I find tailoring to be much less painful than Davyydeous’ Armourer tradeskill, as there seems to be more items to craft, be it leather armour, cloth armour, hex dolls, or bags.

As mentioned previously, my interest in Elrahir has been renewed as of late, which has lead to this character profile post. Also, with my wife and I pushing to get that carpet quest started, I can definitely see Elrahir getting a fair amount of playtime over the next little while. I anticipate his services will be in even more demand as the levels ding past, which will only serve to further increase his playtime. While not quite as fun as my Coercer, I’m still very happy with this character. There’s something very thrilling about being the one depended upon to keep the group alive and kicking. Just don’t blame me if we wipe… that’s the tanks fault. 🙂

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  1. I really like your blog. It is interesting to read about what people are doing in EQ2. Keep up the good work.


  2. Isn’t it just the coolest thing about this game that playing a different class can give you a completely different experience of the same content 🙂

    I have done the opposite to yourself – I started with the healer and was getting sick and tired of being pounded all the time. I recently made up a zerker and got her to lvl 20. I like being able to take a bit more punishment, and to be able to hand that punishment out lol.

    But I am so fond of my healer girl – she will be the first to get to 70 for sure.

    I am excited because my husband has ordered his new PC so he will be able to get back into EQ and maybe we can duo too:)

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