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My New ArasaiWhere does the time go? Apparently it’s been ten days since my last post, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Thankfully, GU35 has gone live and has given me something to talk about. Despite every fiber of my being telling me not to, I decided to create a new character. The primary reason is to experience the new content; sure I could bring one of my other characters to the new zones and check them out, but that just wouldn’t be the same as experiencing all the quests. Secondly, I’ve had it in the back of my head to create a character I could solo with for those times my wife isn’t able to play alongside me. Of course, Elrahir was originally that character until he started catching up in levels to my wife’s solo character, at which point they became forever linked, when I made the decree that “Elrahir shall not pass thee in levels”, and no, I don’t really talk like that, that was just for dramatic effect. Then of course Ordeth was to fulfill my solo character needs, until he too became linked with another of my wife’s characters, and even though I made no decrees of non-levelation (not really a word), I’ve decided to keep Ordeth at more or less the same level as my wife’s Warden.

So there I was, once again whipping up a new character, joining the masses in Darklight Wood. I decided on a Bruiser this time around, as everything I’ve seen tells me they’re great to solo with, which I suppose is important for a character I intend to solo with… imagine that. I briefly toyed with creating a Brigand, or a Warlock, but I’ll leave those for the new expansion when it comes out. Truthfully, at this point I’m not sure how much play time my new Arasai is going to get. I’ve really enjoyed playing Ordeth and would love to see him get to max level some day.

Looking For GroupAs for the new content itself, I’m incredibly impressed. I love the new starting zone, Darklight Wood, and the quests so far are standard fare for a starting zone, but very well done. My Bruiser is currently level eight, close to dinging nine, and hasn’t ventured outside of Darklight Wood yet, so there’s still a lot of new content for him to experience. I also played around with the new Looking For Group system that was implemented, and again, colour me impressed. This is a fantastic tool for both individuals looking for a group, and for groups looking for individuals. As an individual, I can now flag myself as looking for a group with a short blurb about what I’m looking to do, such as “Kill Everling for Hadden’s Earring”. You can also specify whether you’re willing to mentor or not, and what roll you’re willing to play within a group, be it main tank, main healer, combat support, etc.

Looking For MoreSimilarly, existing groups can advertise what they’re working on, what level range they’re looking for, and what rolls they need filled. I see nothing but good coming out of this change, and really hope the players use it. I’m going to try and play my new character a bunch this weekend and will relay the experience here, but again, so far, so good. This game just keeps getting better and better in my opinion. It’s unbelievable to think I’ve been playing for over two years now and see no end to it in sight.

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  1. Thanks for your review and comments. I’m looking forward to checking the new area out as well.

    Now even more so 🙂

    Good Hunting!


  2. The new content is very pretty isn’t it? I hear you completely – I have now been playing for a little over 12 months and no end in site to my enjoyment.

    I started playing at the time where there were massive changes to the vendor/broker system, and to the harvesting/crafting systems. I also believe that this game has gone from strength to strength over the last 12 months.

    Hope you had a fun weekend with your new Bruiser.

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