Seizing the Throne

I love Everquest 2. I’ve easily spent more time with this game than any other I’ve ever played, and while I’m sure that I’ll tire of it some day, I’m fairly certain that day is a long way off. Last night my wife and I got some time to play and I experienced one of those moments where you just sit back in your chair and say to yourself, “man, I love this game.”

Ograf The DeftEarlier in the day I was playing Ordeth, just twenty-five percent away from dinging level 37, along with my wife’s Warden, Saryan. We joined up with a couple friends, a level 30 Troubador (hey Ramm!), and a level 32 Fury (hey Izzi!) and headed out to Crushbone Keep. None of us had really spent a lot of time in Crushbone, so we were mostly going just to explore and maybe get some experience. The main floor was all grey to us so Saryan and Ordeth mentored down to Ramm and we set forth for the basement. We didn’t have any difficulty wiping out the mobs there, and we even snagged Warden Kurgef in the Warden’s Hall who decided not to drop any significant loot.

My wife and I ended up having to leave, so our exploration ended in the basement and we evac’d back to the front door and camped. Later in the evening we logged back in, and with Ordeth just a few percent away from gaining his new level, the two of us decided to head to the upper floor of Crushbone to knock off enough mobs to ding. It turned out we both had a couple of quests to do so we quickly ran through those as well while they were still green. While in the Hall of Tactics we came across a clickable statue which ended up spawning Murnog the Tactician. Unfortunately he was grey to us as Saryan was now level 38, and we had no idea what the statue would do, otherwise she could have mentored Ordeth to make him green. No matter, we made short work of him and continued on our exploration.

Beyond the Southwest Guard Tower, the mobs were no longer grey to us so we started getting some experience, and coupled with some discovery experience as well, Ordeth finally dinged level 37. We made our way into the Emperor’s Chambers to update one of our quests, and then continued on to the Royal Guardpost in search of named mobs. There weren’t any present in the Guardpost, but we did come upon a set of doors leading to an instanced zone called the D’Vinnian Throne. Curious, we clicked in to check it out.

Being just the two of us, we weren’t too sure how we’d fare in the zone. There was someone inside waiting to speak to us who threw two level 32^^^ at us after we hailed her. No problem, Ordeth quickly used Beguile on one of them and set to work on nuking the other while Saryan kept us both alive. This is when my play experience started to elevate from “this is fun”, to “this is the greatest game ever!” The zone was new to us so we had no idea what to expect, what was ahead of us, or whether we’d be able to handle it with just the two of us. We decided to continue on more out of curiousity than anything else, although the experience we were getting was quite the incentive to forge ahead as well.

Vindication BracersWe soon ran into some mobs that were closer to our level, which meant some more difficult encounters, although I must say, our dynamic duo still did quite well. I absolutely love playing Ordeth; the Coercer class is so fun, and playing in a duo without a proper tank has really helped me learn the class (or so I think). Having Saryan throwing those heals sure helps as well. The first bit of difficulty we had with the zone was when we came across Ograf the Deft, a level 33^^^ Heroic Named in the Gladiator Training Hall. Our first attempt at him failed mostly because I was trying to get a nice screenshot of him. Shame on me. We were almost successful on our second attempt, but he kept breaking my root and laying the smack down on Ordeth. Finally, the third time was the charm as we brought him down and looted the Wristband of Vindication for Ordeth. We had to laugh at that because it wasn’t five minutes earlier that my wife had inspected my equipment and informed me that I desperately needed a new bracelet because I was still wearing a level two one. Yikes. Anyway, problem solved.

It was now getting pretty late in the evening so we started talking about logging out. I was able to talk my wife into “just one more named” so we headed down the hall toward the Inner Guard where we came across General V’Narr, a level 35^^^ Heroic Named grouped with Lieutenant B’Oreth and Lieutenant D’Bryth, both 35^. This was going to be tough. I used Beguile on a roaming mob which I then sent into the room to attack V’Narr so that we didn’t have to clear the room before fighting him. When the three came into the hall to face us, Ordeth immediately cast his group mez, then using Beguile again, took control of one of the Lieutenants. We quickly burned through the other lieutenant, then focused on V’Narr, who promptly stomped us into the ground. After reviving, we ran back and used the same strategy to pull the mob into our hallway. Ordeth settled into a root and nuke routine while Saryan healed and soon enough, V’Narr lay at our feet.

I so very much wanted to continue; Ordeth is now ninety percent towards level 38, but it was time to call it a night, plus I have a feeling the two of us probably wouldn’t have been too successful with the mobs that lay ahead. I have now completely fallen in love with Crushbone Keep and more specifically the D’Vinnian Throne; duoing it like we did only added to the fun. I’ll be dragging Ramm and Izzi into that zone so we can finish it off some time. Maybe we’ll even try to find a proper tank as well, but what would be the fun in that? Man, I love this game.

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