Spam-a-lama Ding Dong

Up until now I have been using Spam Karma 2 in order to control comment spam here at Timesink.  To be honest, I pretty much installed it, activated it, then forgot about it.  I’ve used it on a few other blogs and have been happy with the results, that is to say, I never saw spam comments at all.  I just noticed today however, that it has been eating a number of legitimate comments as well.  Shame on me for not checking the logs more diligently, and by “checking the logs more diligently” I actually mean, “checking the logs at all.”

Anyway, I’ve decided to give Akismet a try as I’ve heard good things.  The reason I never tried it in the past was because it needed a API key, which required creating an account and blog on  I prefer to use my own host so never bothered, but now I see you can create a WordPress account and specify a user account only, no blog.   So, I’ll give this a try for the next while, and sift through the spam logs and try to find any legit comments.  Sorry to those who may have had their comments eaten, I wasn’t shunning you!

As an aside, wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where you didn’t need things like spam filters, firewalls, and virus scanners?

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  1. I use akismet myself, and love it. Did the same thing with signing up for an account, but not actually owning a blog there. I agree though, it’d be nice not to have to worry about spam. 🙁

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