Harla Dar, Strike a Pose

Harla DarA number of guildies needed to kill Harla Dar for their Wurmslayer quests and the raid was scheduled for last night. Davyydeous is still a few steps away from that part of the quest, but given that I have never been in the Temple of Scale I figured I’d tag along.

We quickly mowed through the zone in order to get to the entrance to Harla Dar’s room, stopping only to kill a couple nameds along the way. The first was Irolesk, a level 67 Epic x2 which didn’t stand much of a chance against our full four-group raid. We then ran into Vraksakin, a level 72 Epic x4. I didn’t have time to snag a good screenshot of him because we pulled an add and Davyydeous had to spring into off-tank duty. The whole encounter was rushed because the zone is contested and we noticed another guild following right behind us and we wanted to make sure we got the pull.

That done, we headed into Harla Dar’s instance. Our scouts and mages had a field day as we cleared the mobs on the lower platform. It’s not often that they get told to hit the mobs with everything they’ve got to burn through them as quick as possible, so they definitely took advantage. After a few more kills on the upper platform we engaged Harla Dar himself. Pictured above was the best shot I could get of him; more on that in the next paragraph. Regardless, the fight was fairly straight forward and went very smoothly, almost anticlimactic.

In order to get the best quality screenshots, I like to change my video options to the maximum, extreme quality, then change back to balanced, what I normally play on while grouped. I have a silly Microsoft keyboard where all the function keys have multiple functions, and in order for my F10 key to act like F10 instead of “Spell”, I need to enable an “F Lock” key. That’s no problem really, as I’m now in the habit of enabling that key whenever I turn my PC on. The problem arises when I want to hit Print Screen to take a shot, as Print Screen will only act like “Print Screen” with the “F Lock” key turned off. Here now, is the procedure I use for screenshots:

  • Hit Alt-O to bring up the options window and change performance to max
  • Click OK on the performance warning window
  • Click Accept on the options window
  • Hit F10 twice to hide my user interface
  • Hit the F Lock key
  • Hit Print Screen
  • Hit the F Lock key
  • Hit F10 to bring back my user interface
  • Hit Alt-O to bring up the options window and change performance to balanced
  • Click Accept on the options window

Trust me, in the middle of a raid, when I should really be paying attention, this little procedure is a pain. I’ve been meaning to see if I can macro it but just haven’t gotten around to it. Furthermore, my guild doesn’t know I do this blogging thing so I really have to pick and choose my screenshot opportunities. I don’t want to hold up any raids for the sake of taking a picture, so quite often I’ll snap some shots while the mob strategy is being communicated on Ventrillo (I’m paying attention too! 😉 ), or I’ll hang back before a mob pull and spam my Print Screen key.

The other problem I have is, being a plate fighter, all my time fighting is spent right up against the mob which doesn’t give a very interesting view, unless you’re some sort of dragon proctologist.

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