Name Dropping in Nektulos

KoyliniteOrdeth and my wifes Warden, Saryan, were heading towards Nektropos Castle when we came upon Koylinite, a level 30^^^ Heroic Gargoyle just minding his own business in the middle of the road.  As you can see by his health bar in the screenshot, his talk of mounting my head in the yard was nothing more than an idle threat.  I love it when the mobs talk to you though, it adds some personality to them.  Sadistic as it may sound, my favourite has to be the fairies, who say things like “Ouch, my wing!” while you’re hacking away at them, and my personal favourite, “Will my death satisfy your bloodlust?”  No, little fairy, no it won’t.

Anyway, after killing Koylinite, we realized we weren’t going to have time for a Nektropos Castle run, so we just decided to do some exploring in Nektulos.  We headed up north of the Valley of the Lost Souls and were quickly swarmed by quite a few wasps.  No problem for the fearless Coercer and his trusty Warden however, and we set to dispatching the buzzing creatures, only to be discovered by Gurndundl, a level 29^^^ Heroic named giant.  I saw him just as he saw us and started his charge.  Ordeth quickly fired off his Mezz spell which was resisted.  With all the wasps still on us, I knew we weren’t going to be able to handle the giant as well so we started to run.  It was too little too late however, as our dynamic duo soon found themselves stomped into the Nektulos Forest floor.

GurndundlWe quickly revived, spat the dirt out of our mouths, and immediately headed back to get some giant-sized revenge.  We made sure to clear the area of wasps, all eight billion of them, then settled in to take on Gurndundl.  He wasn’t so tough this time around, now that he had our full attention.  We hacked and slashed away at his ankles until he could stand no more and went crashing down to the ground.

With that done, our adventures for the evening came to an end.

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