Windstalker Slaughter

How can I comment on the Stanley Cup Finals on a blog about MMO’s without being off-topic? Here’s how…

So the Anaheim Ducks defeated the Ottawa Senators and won the Stanley Cup last night. This, as an Edmonton Oilers fan, pains me to no end. Normally, I would have no problem with Anaheim, because they’ve got a few players I like and even their coach Randy Carlyle, and GM Brian Burke are favourites of mine. Obviously, being a Canadian, I was hoping Ottawa would pull it out, but the main reason I hated seeing the Ducks win the cup was because of he who shall not be named, jersey number twenty-five, CFP.

For those who read this and don’t follow hockey, I’ll spare you the details of why last nights result pains me so. For those who do follow hockey, and want to know why an Oilers fan would be seething right now, just read this post at Covered in Oil. That should explain it perfectly.

Windstalker SlaughterUpon hearing that CFP got to raise the Stanley Cup over his head, Davyydeous, in a fit of rage, headed out to Bobby McQuibble’s hometown, Windstalker Village, and slaughtered every living person there. Anyone that could be attacked tasted his steel, right down to the poor little pigs and cows innocently chomping on the grass. Every single Windstalker citizen, the guard patrolling the village street, and even Mayor Woodbridge was left to lie in a pool of their own blood. They never stood a chance.

All of this is because of you number twenty-five. I hope you’re happy.

Windstalker Slaughter

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  1. Since I live in Ottawa, it was a huge booo to the ducks last night, but at least we got to have a game won here at home.. there’s always next year!

  2. Sometimes this level of violence is called for. I guess you went “Berserk”. It goes with your whole Modus operandi. Canada will strike back!

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