Sir Pumpy, The Acadechism, and Lore

Emperor D’VinnDavyydeous joined a group that was already half-way through the Acadechism the other night, and grabbed the Sir Pumpy statuette for the Knights of the Round quest, which is part of the larger Sword of Destiny quest line. Just one more statue to go in Mistmoore Catacombs and I’ll have all fifty of them.

There’s not much to say about the Acadechism itself, it’s a fairly small instance that a higher-level group can blow through without much difficulty. I believe I’ve said it before, but I love the scripted sequences that you sometimes see between NPCs; in the case of Acadechism, between Emperor D’Vinn and Zalalise, an agent of Mistmoore. I find it helps immerse me in the zone more, that there’s actually something going on in this world. The one problem I do have with it though, is that I sometimes find it hard to follow the conversation. Knowing full well that these NPCs are going to turn aggro, I find myself speed-reading the speech bubbles to take in as much as I can before they do.  It’d be cool if these little exchanges were actual voice recordings rather than, or in addition to the speech bubbles.

I missed most of the conversation in the Acadechism because I was fiddling around with taking a screenshot, but I found the dialog on The Athenaeum lore site. By no means am I a “lore junky”, but I do find myself browsing that site as well as History of Norrath from time to time. I find the History of Norrath to be a good site for someone like myself who never played the first Everquest but is interested in some of the events that transpired during that time frame. Finally, the History and Lore section of the official forums can also be a treasure trove of lore, and a quick look in there gave me a pretty good idea of who Emperor D’Vinn is and what he’s up to.

I’ve sat here in front of my editing screen for a good ten minutes trying to think of a way to end this post and just can’t think of anything elegant. So in the spirit of The Sopranos series finale…

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