My Command Center

Command CenterI’m late to the party with this, but better late the never I suppose.  Cuppy over at Cuppytalk asked the blogging community to show her our gaming setups.  So here is mine in all its glory.  I have to shamelessly admit to cleaning off my desk before taking this picture.  It had previously been littered with papers and other miscellaneous junk.  Anyway, on the far left you can see an old tv I plopped on the desk during last years Stanley Cup playoffs.  It was just going to stay while the playoffs were on, I said.  It’s still there, acting as a resting place for my headset.  On the wall is a whiteboard which I used to use back when I was programming a fair bit.  Now it just serves to hold my favourite picture of my daughter. 

The monitor, although not a fancy schmancy flat-panel LCD, gives off an awesome picture, and I’m just not willing to part with it yet.  The speakers are Logitech 5.1 which quite literally shake the house when I crank them up.  Now that we have a baby, that happens approximately never.

The shelf contains an array of toys and other collectibles.  Buried behind them, out of sight, is a picture of my wife and I.  Ah yes, the priorites of a geek.

Game ShelfTowards the right is where I keep my newer games, or the ones I’m actively playing (as I like to tell myself, despite the fact that Everquest II is really the only game I actively play).  Next to that is the keyboard and monitor to a cheapy computer which allows me to have a browser accessible at all times while playing.  I usually run my parser on that computer, or eq2i, or sometimes Ventrillo.

Command CenterFinally, here’s a full shot of my “command center”.  The computer in the foreground is where my wife does her playing.  It’s actually a pretty sweet setup, and works very well for us.  If I want to two-box, I can pull her monitor over to my right, in front of my game boxes, and plop her keyboard and mouse on my desk above my keyboard.

Not in the picture are my bookshelves that house my many programming books (some of which I’ve even read!). 

So there you have it, Timesink headquarters.

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