Back from AFK, Ruining Varsoon

I’ve been away from Everquest II for a little bit while off on vacation, and while I had planned on blogging while away, well, we all know how those intentions turn out.  Quite honestly, it was refreshing to get away from the game for a bit, but last night my wife and I sat down at the command center and logged in to see what we could do.

Varsoon the UndyingWe weren’t going to be on for very long so we were looking for something quick to do.  We still had Hadden’s Earring to complete with Ordeth and Saryan, so we headed out for the Ruins of Varsoon to kill Hrath Tvol.  We were both level 39, approaching 40, so the majority of the zone was grey to us aside from a few mobs deeper in.  It was no problem reaching Hrath, and no problem killing him either, in fact, the whole thing went a little quicker than anticipated.  Looking to do some killing before finishing up Hadden’s, we decided to head into the Chamber of Immortality to get Varsoon.

Varsoon the UndyingIt had been a long time since I last killed Varsoon so I couldn’t remember how tough (or easy) the encounter would be for us.  The beginning void beasts almost had us, but Saryan kept throwing out the heals, and we managed to chip away at them until they were no more.  After that, it was pretty much cake.  The rest of the ring event went very smoothly, and then it was time for Varsoon himself. 

How Exquisite!Ordeth and Saryan continuously used their roots to keep Varsoon at a distance while throwing nukes at him.  There were a few times where he broke root and commenced a beat down on Ordeth, but Saryan kept him alive long enough to re-root and back off.  Soon enough, Varsoon lay dead at our feet and we looted our second Exquisite Chest of the instance.

With that done we headed out to Thundering Steppes to finish up Hadden’s.  After turning in that quest, Ordeth dinged level 40 (Saryan had dinged during the Varsoon fights).  So in the quick time we were on (maybe an hour or so), we both levelled up, each got two achievement points, and looted two Exquisite Chests.  Not bad.

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