Knights in the Round

Davyydeous had been sitting on the Knights in the Round quest for a while with just one statuette left to investigate.  The statuette in question was Lady Myth, which is in Mistmoore Catacombs at the base of the long climbable wall to the upper part of the Catacombs.  For whatever reason, I never found myself an opportunity to group up with someone to help me get the statuette.  It’s guarded by two obdurate sentinels, one 66^^^, the other 65^^^, which meant that Davyydeous was unable to investigate it without help.  That’s not to say I didn’t try though.

Knights in the RoundGetting to the wall is no problem itself, it’s just a matter of hopping on to specific walls along the way to de-aggro any angry mobs on your tail.  Once on the wall in question, hovering above the statue, I began to feel pretty helpless though.  If I dropped off the wall, the two sentinels would start wailing on me.  While I could take a pretty hefty beating, I couldn’t investigate the statuette because I kept getting interrupted, so I’d hop back on to the wall.  I’d run a few ideas through my head as to what I could do to investigate this thing, but from what I could tell, my options were limited.  So, I’d try jumping off the wall, aggroing the sentinels, jump back on the wall to deaggro, then jump back down to investigate while the sentinels reset themselves.  That never worked though because the sentinels would be reset and beating on me again before I could finish investigating.

Then I had a brainstorm.  I logged my wife’s level 70 Wizard in and brought her to the wall.  Actually, it took two attempts to get her to the wall as I discovered that Wizards are decidedly more squishy than my plate-wearer.  Anyway, once we were both on the wall I prepared to unleash my foolproof plan.  I was going to use my wife’s character as a decoy.  I figured she owed me for all the times I’ve tanked for her.  Controlling the Wizard, I hopped off the wall and proceeded to aggro the two sentinels.  I immediately switched over to my keyboard and took Davyydeous off the wall and began investigating the statuette.  Knowing that the Wizard was about to die, I figured I’d buy myself some time by hurling her off the ledge of the cliff into the water below.  The plan was perfect.  The sentinels would follow the squishy down to the water below to finish her off while I completed the statuette investigation.  That was the theory anyway.  After hurling the Wizzy off the ledge she hit a rock that was sticking out on the way down and died before ever reaching the water below.  The sentinels reset almost immediately and then proceeded to pound on me.  The idea sounded good at the time.

I returned later in the evening and parked Davyydeous on the wall again.  After a few minutes a group came strolling by and aggroed the sentinels.  I promptly hopped off the wall and got to work on the statue.  Fortunately for me, the group was having trouble jumping on to the wall so the sentinels stayed with them the whole time.  Actually, their entire group, minus a healer, ended up wiping.  I watched for a bit as the healer kept trying to jump off the wall and rez the group but the sentinels wouldn’t let him get the rez spell off.  Feeling nice, I hopped off the wall, grabbed the sentinels, and hurled myself off the cliff, allowing the healer to rez the group.  I died of course.  The idea sounded good at the time.

Knights in the RoundWith that, I headed off to the Commonlands and turned in the Knights in the Round quest.  There seems to be a lot of people working on the rest of the Swords of Destiny quests, so I’m hoping to piggy back on to one soon.  I haven’t been able to play a whole bunch lately though so we’ll have to see.

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  1. I know a lot of people start the quest and then stoped.. and now that they have seen the end item they have started up on the quest again. I had those 2 min MMC left as well.

  2. Sounds a lot like my adventures in MMcat. Except I’m trying to get page 8 for the Cloak of Flames. Atleast the statue is a sure thing rather than a random drop off a random mob. I’v only been working on the page since December.

  3. Congrats on getting that done with Davyy.

    I have not even started on the quest line yet – but fully intend to do so. I am wanting to finish claymore first, but my healer girl can’t resist the look of that hammer with +75 to heals 🙂

    Hehe Chunky I was grouped with the guilds main assist tank last week in MMC when we found that page 8 for his cloak. There was much rejoicing.

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