UI Tour Hijacks My Post!

Armorer at WorkAfter being away on vacation for a bit, I’ve now had family visiting me for the past week and a half, so my playtime has really taken a hit.  The times I’ve logged in I’ve spent either harvesting or tradeskilling.  Davyydeous is currently a level 62 armorer (oh the boredom!) and I’ve decided to make that final push to get him to 70; just in time to push to 80 once the expansion comes out.  This picture shows me grinding away on a tradeskill writ, along with my UI layout.  I always find it interesting seeing pictures of other players’ interfaces, and just how different they all are.

From the beginning I’ve always just used the built-in UI as it suited me just fine.  Just for fun the other week, I decided to give a custom UI a try.  The one in particular was Profit UI Reborn, for no other reason than I saw its name come up the most.  I gave it about a week before I reverted back to the default UI.  It just seemed way too fancy-pantsy for me and I didn’t like the look of it. 

So, for a quick tour of how I have my UI set up, I have four hotbars on the bottom that I keep open all the time.  The one in the center of the screen above the other four is brought up just when I’m tradeskilling.  When raiding, I have the center bar full of all my useful macros and such.  On the bottom right, I always like to have an inventory bag open so I can immediately see anything I pick up while walking through Norrath.  My main chat window is over on the left, with all the combat text going into a separate Combat tab.  My guild window is just above the main chat window, but is visible only on mouse-over, or when new chat text appears.  Group members appear along the top, just to the right of my character name, while I keep my active quest window in the top right.

Pretty simple and clean, and it does the job for me.  That said, I’m not sure how or why this post turned into a tour of my UI, because that’s not what I set out to talk about at all.  Oh well, I’ll consider it a freebie!

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  1. I love profit, it’s what I use, and I’d be utterly lost without it. I have it set up to be very low key and no fuss, I just like to see all the info I have at my finger tips. Good luck grinding out those annoying TS levels!

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