A Fun Journey

Are you ready?


Wait, I need wolf.

I’m casting it right now.

Ok, hailing.  Click, click, click… ready?  Go!

Where are we going first?

Thundermist Village.  Just follow me through the canyon here.

I’m going to sprint for a bit.

Sure.  Okay, head right and get your ding.

Are we taking the griffon to the next one?

I don’t know if it’ll be faster.

So… no?  Hurry up and decide!

I don’t know!  What do you think?

I’m taking the griffon!

Get ready to jump off as soon as you ding, should be soon.

Okay, where now?

Head back to the water, Shrine of the Sirens.

I’m not dinging.

Keep swimming.  Come down here a bit more.  I just got my ding.

Okay, got it.  Lead the way, I don’t know where I’m going.

Just follow me up through Deadview Pass.  We have to head over the bridge there and run by the gnolls.  Watch out for the giants.

Are you okay?  Are you going to die?  You’ve got, like, ten giants on you.

I should be fine, just keep running.  Coldwind Cove is next, over by the griffon tower.

Are we taking the griffon?

No, I can’t remember its flight path.  I think the next spot is just a little into the canyon anyway.  Although, I think we should take the other one… Southeast something station.  By Varsoon.  Just double back a bit and follow me when you get your ding.

I’m not dinging.

Run through the pool of water, by the rocks.

I am!  Nothing’s happening.

Just keep running around.  You’re in the right spot.

Uhhh, it’s not working, and we’re running out of time… wait!  Got it!  Where’d you go?

Just head back a bit and head towards the griffon.  Find me on your map, I’m right there.

Okay, I’m on the griffon.  Where do I jump off?

Just before Thundermist.  I just jumped off, check your map.

Are you going to make it?  I’ve only got two minutes left, I don’t think I’ve got enough time.

You should be okay, just keep going.  Sprint some more.

This is going to be close.  I’m not sure…

You’ll be fine, you’re almost there.

Thirty-two seconds…

No problem.


Sweet.  Let’s head to Nektulos Forest.

Crap, I hate that one.

Yeah, me too.

Journey is Half the FunThe Journey is Half the Fun.  One of my favourite, and at the same time, most hated, quests in the game.  My wife and I decided to get that Heritage Quest done with our alts (Ordeth and Saryan) one day when we had nothing better to do.

The first time I did it with my main, Davyydeous, a long, long time ago, I remember having a really tough time with the Thundering Steppes race.  Back in the day I think it was almost a requirement to have someone in your group with evac to take you back to the docks.  As illustrated above, we were able to do it using the griffons in a couple spots, which of course weren’t an available option a while ago.

This is one of my favourite quests because it’s just plain fun.  Yet, because you’re timed, it can be bloody aggravating as well.  Add to that having to do a stage all over again because you missed it by a few seconds… oh yeah, that’s fun stuff.

As it turned out, I found the quest to be much easier this time around.  Nektulos Forest was no problem at all.  I think the zone revamp had something to do with that.  There was hardly an aggro-able mob in sight.  After doing Nek, we took a bit of a break from the quest, gained a few levels, and this past weekend decided to continue it at the Zek stage.

At level 40, the entire zone is still aggro to us, but we found the mobs were easily run off.  The only time we had trouble was the last checkpoint, where you have to ride the long elevator down into the quarry.  I ended up dieing there, while Saryan got her ding and used portal to head back to the dock.  Even with the death, I was able to rez and continue on my merry way and finish the stage with time to spare.

Journey is Half the FunEnchanted Lands was also quite easy.  Finding the Goblin Pass was the most difficult part of that one.  Finally, The Feerrott race was definitely the most difficult, first because the mobs in there hit us pretty hard, what with all the spiders paralyzing us with their poison, secondly because even with a map, I still have a hard time finding my way around that zone.  I ended up dieing again, and rezing up near Cazic Thule ended any hope I had of finishing that race.  Saryan managed to do it with about 2 seconds left on her timer.  I ran it again immediately, and discovered that most of the mobs along the way don’t see through invis, so I made it without any problem at all.

I think they need to update this quest, or add another one, to include zones like Lavastorm, as well as the KoS, and EoF zones.  Or am I just a glutton for punishment?

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  1. By the fourth line of your post I knew exactly what you were talking about. I think that quest might be the source of many a breakup for couples who play together.
    I dread to think of that quest in Gfay. I still get lost in there constantly.
    BTW The new banner looks cool!

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