I’m Going to Feel that in the Morning

It was just a little past 11:00 pm last night when I told my wife that I’d be up to bed in “just a few minutes.”  I wanted to log in to Davyydeous and check the broker, see who was logged on… I’m sure you know the story.  “Don’t stay up late,” she told me with a hint of a sigh which indicated to me that she knew full well I’d end up being longer than the twenty minutes I said I’d be.  It had been a long day for both of us, and I was quite tired, so I had every intention of hitting the pillow very soon.

I had left Davyydeous in Loping Plains after killing two of the three blades in Arkelek’s Gash for The Stone Behind the Ankh quest of the Swords of Destiny timeline.  I wasn’t quite able to defeat the third blade on my own so I decided to bring my wife’s Wizard in to two-box it.  I ran Davyydeous over to the spot, where as luck would have it, a Conjurer and Warden were about to kill the blade I needed.  I asked to join and the three of us easily got our updates.  I thanked them and drpped group to head on my merry little way.  Of course, I couldn’t just log out… no, I had to check out the next step of the quest.

It wasn’t long after that I found myself in Mistmoore Catacombs, a few more steps into the quest of course, when I ran into the Conjurer and Warden again.  They asked to team up again and I obliged.  We soon got our next updates and found ourselves off to Kaladim.  A Monk joined our group which ended up being a godsend, as this guy was über.  We knocked out the Kaladim updates in about forty-five minutes, maybe less, a task that would have taken significantly longer without the Monk.  Seeing this guy in action really made me think I rolled the wrong class for my main.

After Kaladim we headed back to Mistmoore Catacombs, answered the riddles, then portaled to Butcherblock (three cheers for Druid portals) to finish off the quest.  This is where our group ended, and I was pleased as punch to have advanced the Swords of Destiny to this point.  With my scattered playtime of late, I didn’t think I’d get this far so soon.

So, my twenty minutes had now turned into three hours according to the 2:00 AM staring back at me on the clock.  My next task would be the most difficult quest of all; getting up and into bed without waking my wife.  How’d I do?  Well, unless she reads this, and I don’t think she will, she’ll never know.


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  1. Grats on the progress.

    I have the same fear of husband aggro if I stay up longer than “oh just 15 mins or so Hon” that I promised 🙂

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