Ordeth’s Stolen Mob

Darklight FaeriesOrdeth and Saryan have been working on some heritage quests over the past few play sessions, with Foomby’s Stolen Goods being the latest.  The first step calls for the death of Darkflight Faeries until you find a Cracked Gold Monocle.  This is now the fourth character I’ve done this quest with and for each one, this step seemed to have taken the longest.  It was certainly true of this latest attempt, with Ordeth and Saryan killing what had to have been five billion faeries before getting the monocle.  After seeing “Quest Item Not Found” for a good chunk of our evening, we decided to log off and try again the next day.

The gold monocle was eventually retrieved, which meant that we had to kill Chomper, a level 37^^^ fish.  He wasn’t anywhere to be found, so we started the placeholder dance, and after about four or five Hungry Nibbler kills, Chomper reared his ugly head.

Chomper Denied!We buffed up, got set, and just as Ordeth was going to pull Chomper, another duo swept in out of nowhere and pulled him first.  The other duo consisted of a fabled-out 70 Necromancer mentored down to a level 39 Defiler.  Admittedly, I was really hoping they’d wipe, evil me, I know, but we had spent a fair amount of time swimming around the pond killing Hungry Nibblers and muckfins and felt like the Chomper spawn was “ours”.  Needless to say however, they killed the big fish and went on their merry little way.

I realize that’s the nature of contested mobs, but it was fairly obvious what Saryan and I were doing and I don’t think it would have hurt to send a quick tell asking if we wanted to group up.  Oh well, I guess it gives us something to do later on.

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  1. I have a real appretiation for triggered mobs rather than contested. I was doing Hadden’s Earing HQ last night and was very pleased that Hrath T’vol was a triggered mob. ROV is is so camped by farmers it’s tough to get the nameds you need in that zone. Captain Krieger, triggered, sweet, Ding!

  2. Losing a mob that you’ve been waiting for it certainly no fun, but I find this method more enjoyable and immersing than having everything just given to you in other games like WoW. That is one thing I missed about the original Everquest when I was playing wow. Nothing was static, everything was instanced or triggered and just given to you on a plate. “Oh, there you are, here is this!”

    There was no mystery about it, you couldn’t just stumble upon a mob that you didn’t know was there before because you had only ever encountered it’s place holder. You would never make new friends with someone who was also waiting/looking for the same mob, or run into someone in a dungeon because they were in their own separate little universe.


  3. They’d have gotten an ear full from me that’s for sure. If I am obviously camping a mob (even though ‘camps’ are not recognized by SoE officials I know) then the people taking them can at least show a little curtsy. Especially if they are higher level, raiders, guilded. There’s player curtsy and everyone is well aware that there are ‘camps’ in at least a general sense of the word. I remember so many times in EQLive people shouting across zones to check what was camped before they moved some place else a little less crowded. It’s only polite.

  4. Oh man that is such poor form – I would have been soooooooo grumpy if that happened to me.

    It certainly would have been nothing for them to send the curteous “Hey wanna group” tell – Sometimes I just dont get people.

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