Where in Norrath?

Where?I’m going to take a page from many other bloggers and have you guess where in Norrath the screenshot to the left was taken.  Feel free to leave your guesses in the comments, the first person to guess correctly wins absolutely no prize.

I haven’t been up to much in the game lately adventure-wise.  A few posts back I mentioned I’d probably spend a good chunk of time grinding Davyydeous’ armour skill up to 70 from 62.  Turns out I’ve spent more time with my tailor.  Ordeth and Saryan made it to level 42 a little quicker than I had anticipated and my tailor wasn’t of sufficient level to outfit them for the next tier.  So, Elrahir has been standing in front of the loom sewing away, gaining some levels.  I’ve found that the rare leather pelts and roots are comparatively cheap on the broker and I’ve been buying them in bundles.  The leather pelts I’ve gotten for as little as a few gold each.  It’s very refreshing considering the prices my armourer paid for the rare ore from that tier.

Finally, just a quick comment on the latest test update notes, particularly this part:

Your raid force can now clear part of The Emerald Halls, leave, and then come back later to pick up where you left off.

  • There is no longer a “failure” timer.  You will be locked to an instance for 5 days once you kill any mob.  You can reset your timer after 5 days and enter a different instance, or you can choose to continue in the same instance for up to 10 days total.

I’m really liking the sounds of that, and I’d be willing to bet Rise of Kunark is going to have some pretty large raid zones.  I hope this also helps bring a few more people into raiding by allowing raid forces to split up their raids into multiple play sessions.

I do have a slight concern at this point however.  Does this signal a shift to even more of a raiding focus, and will it alienate too many players?  I don’t play World of Warcraft, but I do know that the majority of its raids are persistent instances.  From what I’ve read, The Burning Crusade expansion introduced many large, very hard, raid instances that the majority of the player base will never see.  Will the same happen with Rise of Kunark? 

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