Trying A New Game

I read a favourable review of the game Dungeon Runners so I figured I’d give it a try and post my impressions here.  The game is free to download and play, however, you can choose to pay a monthly fee of five dollars to become a member and gain access to more powerful items in the game along with various other priveleges.

Creating an account and downloading the client was simple enough, and it wasn’t long after that I was in the game.  My immediate impression was that it looked very much like World of Warcraft, right down to the interface buttons.  The starting area had a few NPC’s milling about with the all too familiar exclamation mark hovering over their heads.  I started to walk around, exploring the area, when it struck me that I should really be in Everquest 2 working up Davyydeous’ tradeskill.  I quit the newly downloaded game without even giving it a shot and popped back into EQ2.

I’ve got a pile of games on my desk here that I’ve been meaning to play for so long, but I just can’t free myself from Norrath’s grasp.  Anyone else have that “problem”?  In fact, what am I doing writing this right now?  I could be doing writs!

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