World on my Shoulders

Relic ShouldersDavyydeous raided the Labs last night, which is normally a pretty fun time.  Given that our guild has had Labs on “farm status” for quite some time, the time usually goes by pretty fast and the mood is light and carefree.  To be honest, most of the time I don’t even pay attention when we run through this raid.  Last night, that changed.

It all started when we first zoned in.  I hit my macro to assist our main tank, but for some reason it wasn’t working.  The Labs raids are typically run to gear up our newer raiders or alts, and on this night, it turns out our main tank was playing his Ranger alt.  That meant the main tank for the raid last night was now one of our usual off tanks, a Shadowknight.  A quick scan of the raid window showed that I was the only other plate fighter in the raid, in fact, the only other fighter period, which  in turn meant that I would serve as the off tank.

This was the first time I had been asked to actually perform a roll on one of our raids aside from “swing your sword and help kill stuff“, and quite frankly, it was pretty nerve racking.  I’m just a casual raider, raiding with the guild maybe once or twice a month, so I’d prefer on the rare times I manage to raid that I not be remembered as a screw-up.

In the end, all things turned out well, but it was a different experience from what I was used to for sure.  I certainly got an appreciation for how tough it is to keep aggro away from  a hungry mob of scouts and mages all trying to claw their way to the top of the DPS parse.  On the Pardas Predd fight, I managed to grab the two abominations that spawn halfway through the fight easily enough, but as soon as the rest of the raid started nuking them through me all bets were off.  I kept spamming my taunts, blew Rescue, Insolent Gibe, and did just about everything I could to keep them off our more squishy raid members, all to no avail.  While we got through the fight just fine, I still felt like a complete failure.

At the end, after Vyemm and Alzid Prime lay dead I had a chat with our regular main tank who told me that anyone would have trouble keeping aggro the way our raid was DPS-ing.  We had just wanted to tear through the raid as quickly as possible.

I was also finally able to upgrade my shoulder armour when the relic plate shoulders dropped.  I’m embarrassed to say that up until last night I was wearing tier 6 fabled.  I got a nice stats boost out of the relic… and I like the red too.

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