In Search of a Home

Davyydeous has joined a new guild after being the victim of the “too many plates, not enough table” syndrome.  My previous guild started as a casual raiding guild with a laid-back, no requirements approach to raiding.  This was a great fit for me because I wanted to raid but had limited time to do so because of the birth of my daughter.  I still managed to get into a few raids, get some gear, and even get some material for this site.

As time passed, the guild became more focused on the higher-end raids and the “casual” part of the guild disappeared from the guild charter.  As such, the guild split in two, with those not able to attend at least 50% of the raids in one camp, and the raiding team in the other.  This, unfortunately, was a necessary step towards progression in the Echoes of Faydwer raids, and spelled the end of my raiding days with the guild.  Even though I’m now able to dedicate more time to raiding, the raid force already had enough established plate fighters in addition to the main tank and main assist.  In fact, I was told that about four of the plate fighters would need to leave the guild before I got a spot on the raids.

Needless to say, we parted ways and I began my search for a new guild.  Actually, I had seen the writing on the wall quite some time ago and had already begun an informal search for a new home.  So how did I go about my search?

Obviously, after being on the Kithicor server for a couple of years, I already had a basic knowledge of a good number of guilds.  I also used the official forums to check out who was recruiting and what sort of classes they needed, in addition to using the in-game guild recruitment tool.  I found that this was enough to give me a good list to work from.  At that point it became a matter of checking to see if the guild and I would be a good fit.

With respect to the guild itself, I was looking for one that was casual, but raid capable.  I can’t, nor do I want to raid every day.  Furthermore, even if the guild only raids two or three times a week, I wouldn’t be able to guarantee I’d make every single one.  Basically, I wanted the option to raid, but not the requirement.  While this may seem like a lot to ask, I found quite a few guilds with that very philosophy.

There were other things I looked for as well, mainly if the guild had a website with forums.  I’ve found this to be a great community builder in the past, not to mention a good way to keep in touch with your guildmates while you’re stuck at work, not like I’d know anything about that.  Visiting these websites gave me an opportunity to create a first impression of the guilds I was looking at.  It’s easy to see right away which guilds are casual (well, it was a struggle, but we finally battled our way through Labs!), and which are hardcore (Deathtoll pwned yet again in record time… yawn).  More importantly however, I find it helps give a window on to what the people in the guild are like.  Do they like to have fun, or is the game a business to them?  For me, I’m all about fun, and once I had narrowed my list of guilds down further, I started sending tells to the officers in game.

I think it’s essential to have a good conversation with an officer before joining a guild, because in the end, it’ll save a lot of time.  I asked a lot of questions, such as what their raid schedule was like, what they raided, was it mandatory, what kind of atmosphere is in the guild, etc.  I wanted to get a sense of what the people were like because more important than anything, I think, is getting along with those you’re guilded with, and having fun.  I wanted to find an atmosphere that I could be comfortable in.  I’ve been known as something of a joker (I like to think I can be funny), so I needed to find a guild that liked to laugh and have fun.

I eventually found a guild that I thought would be a good fit for me.  It met all my requirements, and I thought my discussion with the officer went quite well.  I’m now on a two week trial to ensure that we’re good fits for each other.  So far things are going well and I’m happy in my new home. 

This whole process however, has me somewhat discouraged by the apparent lack of need for plate fighters.  There are a lot of them in the game, and not many raid slots available to them.  This has only pushed me further to get my Mystic and Coercer leveled up so that I’ll have an easier time finding raids to join (hopefully).  That’s life as a tank I suppose, there’s never any around when you need one for an instance, and far too many when you’re running a raid.

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  1. This is an exact copy of my experience a couple of months ago. It’s tough to find a good fit these days… especially for plate tanks…even us Berserkers.

  2. Seems like many times you have to make a compromise between how much guild politics and crap you have to put up with in order to accomplish your goals and your current state of loot-whorishness. I’m still in this situation personally. Lucky enough to be a plate tank in a guild that gets stuff done and have the chance at high end gear but will leave in an instant the crap bucket overflows. Does that make me a bad person?

  3. You’re not alone in the tank situation, as my fiance has some what retired his 70 raid geared shadowknight in order to finish leveling up his necro – and at least 6 other tanks that I know of are doing this. In a raid situation there’s no need for more then 2-3 tanks total. Why bring in another when it can be filled with a utility or dps class, or another healer or what have you. They are not essential to a raid situation. Maybe things will change over time.

  4. Ya one of the reason i leveled up my assassin was there there wasn’t a need for so any plat tanks.. I joined the guild as the back up to the back up to the main tank.

    What i found on my guild in kithicor is that most of our tanks have a second level 70 alt in the guild. So We can switch tanks and bring in a second enchanter or another DPS if needed.. Or have the extra tanks in case we need them

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