So Long Sanctum

FinallyFinally.  Davyydeous finally finished the last Claymore quest that takes place within the torture chamber known as Sanctum of the Scaleborn.  I have waited so long for this day, and can’t explain just how much of a relief it is to be done with SoS.

Don’t get me wrong though, SoS by itself is a great zone, and in fact, one of the best in the game in my opinion.  There’s a lot to see and do in there, from grinding out experience, to taking on names, and a few ring events as well.  When taken in the context of the Claymore line however, Sanctum of the Scaleborn becomes a brutally repetitive pain in the neck.  I know that I’m not alone in this thinking.  I’ve been sitting on the Claymore quest line for ages now for a bunch of different reasons I’m far too lazy to list here, and that means the majority of those I game with have already completed Claymore or are at least well past the Sanctum quests.  That made it very tough to find groups to work on the quests, and there were many times where it seemed like asking others to come to SoS was like asking them to rip their fingernails out with a pair of pliers.  Finding pick-up groups was equally as hard.

I think the issue is two-fold.  First, I found it fairly rare that others were working on the same quest as me at any given time, let alone the same step of the quest.  Naturally, most people when grouped want to work on ensuring their updates get done, which takes me two my second issue, that being the zone of SoS itself.  Again, on its own, SoS is a great zone, it’s fairly big, there’s quite a few names in it, and given the level range and number of mobs, can be both a breeze to blow through, or fairly tough depending on your group make-up.  There are nine Claymore quests that take place within SoS; the first few a fairly simple, but that all starts to change on the fourth one, The Keys to Trust.  This is the first quest that has you travel beyond the first few rooms of SoS to the Scaleborn Cell, and the first that has you travel to the second level to speak with Xhorroz.  Given that SoS only has one respawn point back at the entrance, and is a shared dungeon meaning the mobs respawn, the further you go in, the further you’ll have to run back re-fighting mobs should the group wipe, and there are a lot of mobs in there.  In my experience, there were many times when our group got overly confident in its abilities, pulled too many mobs, wiped, and had to start from the beginning.  Those of you who have gone through this know just how big of a pain it is to make your way back down to where you wiped.

The quests following the Keys to Trust only get worse, all taking place deep into SoS.  Trading Information was by far the worst one for me, starting with my hours upon hours of camping Exarch Trulnariz.  Of course, a week after I finally killed him they changed the quest so that the placeholder will update the quest.  This quest had me travelling back and forth to different parts of SoS fighting the same mobs over and over again, many times waiting for precious auto-update dings.  It felt like tedium at its finest, and I was very happy when I was done this quest.

Next up, Riddle of the Vault.  Aside from having to camp Koturah for a bit at the beginning of the quest, this one actually went fairly well for me.  The night after unsuccessfully camping Koturah I made my way back in to SoS, put up my LFG tag, and started spamming 60-69 chat hoping to put a group together for Riddle of the Vault.  This lasted about an hour and a half without a single response.  Frustrated at my inability to find a group I decided to have some fun with Totems of the Chameleon and tried to invis my way down to the Gorg Pit.  In doing so, I discovered a somewhat fun and challenging mini-game.  Davyydeous is a Berserker which means he’s a plate armoured meat shield and nothing more; he doesn’t have fancy trick spells like evac or feign death, so sneaking my way around zones can be fairly challenging.  After a few attempts that ultimately ended in disaster (oh what I wouldn’t give for feign death), I eventually came up with a decent route.  The hardest part to get through is the Talonflight Armory, a room full of of Scaleborn Reavers, most of which see through invis.  While difficult, I was able to sneak my way through the room provided I was very careful with the route I chose, and patient enough to wait for the right opening.  Of course, sometimes I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a group ahead of me that was clearing the way.  Once past the Armory, I was usually able to train the mobs all the way to the Gorg Pit where I could jump on one of the climbable walls.

Once in the Gorg Pit, I just hung out and eventually came across another group that was camping Koturah and was kind enough to let me join.  Once I had Koturah killed I was able to complete the rest of the quest solo, again using patience and a whole lot of invis totems, with the odd fight thrown in as well.  Finally, the last quest just called for throwing a gem into the Pool of Spirits.  I invis’d my way there and hopped into the pool.  Unfortunately, throwing the gem is like harvesting, it pops your invis and takes some time to complete.  A couple attempts saw me interrupted too much and dieing before I could manage to throw the gem, but I kept at it and was eventually successful.

While there’s still a fair amount of work to do for my Claymore, I can’t tell you how happy I am to be done the SoS quests.  I’m quite sick of that zone.  I’m told the Palace of the Awakened quests go much smoother, plus the rewards a pretty decent too.  Can’t wait.

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