Best. Marketing. Ever.

I would find it hard to believe that any gamer, even if they didn’t like the Halo games, couldn’t admit that this piece of web advertising is seriously cool.  I don’t have an Xbox 360 and never really wanted one either, but after looking at this latest round of advertising for Halo 3 I’m ready to head to the store to pick one up right now.  Of course, I’ll need to start the process of slowly wearing my wife down through my annoying persistence until she finally cracks and yells at me to “just go and get one already!!!“.  Yep, it’s just a matter of time.

The reason I like this advertising so much is because it creates a tremendous sense of atmosphere.  Rather than release a cool looking in-game video along with some text advertising five new driveable vehicles, or what have you, they’ve created a story to evoke your emotion, and pull you into the game world.  I especially like the “making of” video which can be seen by clicking the menu at the bottom of the screen, choosing videos, and selecting the first one.  The other videos are unlocked as you move along the diorama.  Anyway, I won’t talk about it any more, I just encourage you to check it out for yourselves.  This is how you sell games.

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  1. Finish BioShock first! Resist the lure of the Halo 3 marketing (even though the coolness of the diorama made me poop a little in my undies).

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