Me Me Me Me Meme

I’m hit!!!  Gaff over at Trot Line tagged me with the latest meme making its way around the MMO blogosphere.  Here then, is my list of fours:

Four jobs I have had in my life, not including my current occupation:

  1. Paperboy – my very first job, and fantastic money for a little kid.
  2. Pizza Slinger – my high-school job.  It was awful.
  3. Video Store Clerk – did this during university and it was quite honestly one of the most fun jobs I’ve had.
  4. “Computer Guy” – every other job I’ve had has been in computers, including my current one.

Four movies I have watched over and over (and over):

  1. Aliens
  2. Star Wars (any of them)
  3. Heat (the Pacino and DeNiro one)
  4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  5. … and many others

 Four places I have lived (all in Canada):

  1. Winnipeg, Manitoba  (where I am now)
  2. Ottawa, Ontario
  3. Toronto, Ontario
  4. Edmonton, Alberta (my favourite)

Four shows I love to watch:

  1. Seinfeld (I never get tired of it)
  2. Arrested Development (how was this show not more successful?)
  3. The Office
  4. Hell’s Kitchen

Four places I have been on vacation:

  1. Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  2. Florida (both Tampa and Orlando)
  3. Caribbean cruise (St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Princess Cays)
  4. Houston, Texas

Four of my favorite foods:

  1. Pizza (pepperoni, bacon, onion, green pepper…. Mmmmmm)
  2. Hamburgers (Winnipeg has some fantastic burger joints)
  3. Steak with garlic mashed potatoes
  4. Lasagna

Four favorite drinks:

  1. Coke (sweet nectar of the gods)
  2. Rum and Coke (could also throw in some grenadine and lime)
  3. Jamaican ginger beer
  4. Ice cold water 

Four places I would rather be right now:

  1. In Edmonton, watching the Oilers play from a luxury box
  2. Anywhere in Europe, I don’t care where, I just want to go
  3. Skiing at Whistler Blackcomb, although waiting for ski season may be a good idea
  4. Snooping around in whatever vault the US government keeps all of its super top secret information

Pretty much every blog I read has done this meme, so I’m afraid this is the end of the line from my end.

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