The Forgotten Ones

BaeyleThis is Baeyle, my level 38 Paladin.  He was my first alt, created on August 20, 2005, when my wife finally broke down and decided to try EQII out.  My main character was only level 10 at the time, but I wanted to start a new character to be used strictly for grouping with my wife, plus she wanted to be Qeynos aligned, while my main was from Freeport.  Back then, there were a few more barriers between the two cities so it was just a lot simpler to create a new character.  Our two good friends also created new characters, giving us a group consisting of my Paladin and Shaelyn, my wife’s Wizard, along with Deadmon the Fury and Senki the Ranger.  We called ourselves the Super Friends.

Our early days were often painful as my wife and I learned the game.  This was my first MMO experience and I hadn’t the foggiest idea what a “tank” was, much less how to play one.  My mob pulling consisted of running head first into the mob then standing there swinging my sword while anxiously awaiting the arrival of the rest of my group.  It wasn’t long after that I learned through no uncertain terms that I was a terrible tank.  This was when I learned that I needed to announce to the rest of the group which specific mob I was going to be engaging.  Thus, my first macro was created; a simple group message saying “Incoming %T!”.  I would later spice it up by adding the “/incoming” command which would cause my character to voice emote “Trouble’s Coming!” in a very effeminate voice.  I giggled a little to myself every time I used that voice macro, much to the annoyance of the rest of the group I’m sure.

Next up, I learned that I wasn’t supposed to charge into the mobs haphazardly, I was supposed to “pull” them to the group.  It was a small revelation which instantly increased the success of the Super Friends.  There were many memorable nights adventuring in Antonica, getting lost in the sewers underneath Qeynos, killing gnolls in Blackburrow and many wipes in Stormhold.

If I remember correctly, as we leveled into our late twenties, early thirties, the Super Friends began to fracture as we each began to pay more attention to our mains who Shaelyn was now close enough in level to group with.  Actually, at this point I was struggling to determine if I actually liked playing Baeyle more than my Berserker main.  Yes, it took Baeyle three years just to kill a rat, but those heals sure came in handy.  Ultimately however, I decided to stick with my Berserker, and from that point on he got all the love, and the Super Friends received another nail in their coffin.

Epilogue: Where are the Super Friends Now?
Baeyle the BumIt’s been well over a year since I last played Baeyle.  His equipment is terrible, and his combat arts and spells are in terrible shape as well.  He is in no shape whatsoever to venture beyond the gates of Qeynos any more.  I’ve come close to deleting him a few times over the past while, but I just haven’t been able to do it.  Why?  I don’t know, there’s just something that’s forcing me to hang on to him.  I can’t see myself ever playing him though, given I’ve already got a plate fighter at level 70, not to mention the fact that I just find him kind of boring to play when compared to my other alts.  I’m guessing the release of Rise of Kunark will be the catalyst that drives me to delete Baeyle once and for all, freeing up his character slot so I can check out the new starting content.  Until then, Baeyle will continue to spend his time begging for plat or food in Starcrest Commune.

Shaelyn has been level 70 for some time now and is actively raiding.

Deadmon had a mini-revival not too long ago, but now appears to be one of the forgotten ones.  He was last seen in Maj’Dul playing with a monkey.  I’m not sure what that means.

In what would be the most tragic tale of all the Super Friends, Senki took her own life after she was unable to find a hairstyle that she could live with.  May she rest in peace.

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