Elrahir Rising

Wow, was my last update really back on October 2nd?  I swear, nothing makes the days go by faster than having a blog.  Truth be told though, that I’ve stepped back from EverQuest II a little bit lately.  It’s something I find I need to do from time to time.  I gave some of my other games some love, such as Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 of course, and I’m starting to get back into Oblivion a bit more.  As Rise of Kunark approaches however, I’m getting back into the world of Norrath, focusing mainly on my Mystic Elrahir who recently made level 50.

I’ve actually been having fun doing some of the level-appropriate heritage quests with Elrahir.  Last night alone I finished off An Eye for Power and the Teachings of Yoru.  My how times have changed.  When I did Eye for Power with Davyydeous, I camped the four shards at the beginning of the quest for an insane amount of time.  I remember I was off work one day and camped the blue one in particular for a solid six hours.  That’s not an exaggeration, that’s what I did with my day off, and if anything, six hours is an under-estimation.  Then to top that all off, I did the quest with my wife’s character as well, because she can’t stand camping things, she always wants to be on the move.  Of course, at that time the shards could be harvested only once, then they disappeared and you had to wait for them to respawn again.  It was a nightmare.  Thankfully it’s different now, and more than one group member can harvest the shards, and I was able to gather all four within an hour.  Hey, I’m all for making people work for things, but there’s a difference between making you work for something and just subjecting you to a torturous pain in the ass.

The next part of An Eye for Power has you kill some heroic named mobs.  The first two, Bloodrage and Numbfoot went smoothly.  They spawned relatively quickly.  The last, Icegill, took some camping and I wiped on my first pull (I was two boxing my wife’s 70 Wizard mentored to Elrahir) when as luck would have it my best friend forever (BFF!) logged in with his ultra uber Shadowknight and came out to Everfrost to dispose of Icegill.  The rest of the quest was a walk in the park.

I then went on to finish off the Teachings of Yoru.  The funny thing about this one was that I thought I had already completed it.  The other night a guildy working on that very quest asked for some healing help while he tried to take out the four spirits needed.  I came along and helped him kill the four spirits, and when we headed back to Cythan for his final confrontation, I noticed he had the quest update book and feather floating above his head.  Crap.  I was literally just one step and five minutes worth of work away from the very part I had just helped the guildy through.  Oh well.  So I quickly whipped through that quest last night, again with the Wizzy’s help and Elrahir now has a nice little belt around his waist.

At this very moment, on my other computer I’ve got Elrahir logged in and I’m headed off to Deathfist Citadel to finish off Emperor Fyst to complete the Training is a Sheild heritage quest.  Doing these quests has netted some decent experience still, not to mention some AA’s.  I have no delusions of getting Elrahir to 70 before RoK is out, but that’s fine because I’m just having fun doing these older quests.  That may change when I get to work on To Speak as a Dragon though…. we’ll see.

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