Sometimes, Things Just Go Your Way

New GearLast night our guild had scheduled a run through Lyceum of Abhorrence, and just as everybody was on their way to the zone, a fellow guildy discovered that Hurricanus the Patriarch was up on the Breeding Grounds.  We had never attempted her before so we eagerly put off Lyceum and headed over to kill us some dragon.  We didn’t know a whole lot about the encounter, we just had a general idea.  My job was to watch out for some adds that spawn every once in a while and grab them before they could get to Hurricanus and the rest of our raid force.  Because of that, myself and the rest of my group didn’t get to see much of the actual Hurricanus fight, but it sure sounded impressive.  Our first pull was okay until she got to about 40% health when most of the raid force got smoked in an instant.  Having seen how the encounter worked, our second pull went like clockwork, and Hurricanus went down without a problem. 

Inside her Exquisite Chest was a great looking tanking breastplate, called the Hurricane Forged Cuirass.  There was only myself and our main tank in our raid who would roll on it.  Anyone who has grouped with me before would no doubt know that I have the absolute worst luck with the dice in the history of dice… ever.  Just the other day my wife and I were duoing in Pillars of Flame for Harpy lore and legend stuff, and I lost every single loot roll.  If my wife rolled a 10, I’d roll a 4.  It’s just something I’ve come to expect over my time playing this game.  So, when our main tank rolled a twenty-something, I figured I’d roll a twelve.  As luck would have it, I got a magical fifty-two.  Of course, I immediately told the guild through vent that if the main tank wanted it, it was his to have.  Lucky me again, he passed it on to me.  You can see the spiffy new breastplate on me in the picture above, and the stats for it in the picture below.

New Gear StatsMy luck wasn’t done there however, as we headed into Lyceum.  I was acting as the main assist for the raid, my first time with this guild, so it was nice to have the run go so smoothly.  For some time now I’ve wanted the sword that drops off of Vilucidae, but each of the three or four times I’ve been through the zone, it hasn’t dropped.  When we eventually took Vilucidae down and his chest dropped, I began to chant “sword, sword, sword” while gently caressing the Exquisite Chest with my mouse cursor.  The chest was disarmed, opened, and there staring back at me in all its glory was Vilucidae’s Sword of Shielding.  My chant had worked.  Now for the hard part, rolling on it.  I wasted no time as I had my /ran 100 command ready to go for when the raid leader asked all who wanted the sword to roll.  As soon as I saw “Rolling on the sword…” I hit enter and boom!  A perfect 100.  Oh yes, I really wanted that sword.  Again, the picture of the sword is up above, the stats in the picture with this paragraph.

As if that wasn’t enough, after the raid was done a group of guildies came to help me take out the final dragon for the Draco Mortus Heritage Quest for the Bone Clasped Girdle.  So in addition to my loot, I finished off another HQ and got myself my 92nd achievement point.  It was a good night for Davyydeous.

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  1. Nice i have not picked up that BP yet. I”m stilling waiting to get mine.. though with rok so close it dosn’t look like i’m going to be seeing it. Grats man

  2. Congratulations on the loots, some nights are just wonderful 😉 Too bad they’re not all like that, but I guess everyone needs their moments!

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