70 Tailor

70 TailorElrahir, my Mystic alt, finished off his tradeskilling by dinging 70 as a tailor.  It’s weird, because it wasn’t something I was really striving to achieve with this character.  Unlike my armourer, with whom I consciously ground my way to 70 through much pain and suffering, my tailor just sort of happened.  I suppose it helped that my wife and I were both levelling characters that wore cloth and leather armour which gave me a reason to continue crafting.  Aside from that though, the other week I noticed I was sitting at level 62 and it sort of took me by surprise.  I started doing the tradeskill writs and the final few levels flew by.  As an added bonus, I’ve found a few of the things I can make as a tailor do well on the broker.

As for his adventure levels, Elrahir is currently sitting three percent away from level 57.  There’s no way I’ll get him to 70 before Rise of Kunark, in fact, I doubt I’ll get him to 60, but I’m having fun playing the healer role regardless.  I’ve seen a lot of talk that the 50-60 level progression is the worst grind, but it hasn’t been too bad for me.  I’ve done a lot of the heritage quests for that level range, in addition to the solo questing timelines in Steamfont, Sinking Sands and now Lesser Faydark.  The biggest source fo my experience though has come from doing the lore and legend quests.  Some of them can be a real pain, waiting for the item you need to drop, but they’re worth it in the end.

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