Mission Impossible

To Speak as a DragonLast night, Elrahir completed the Draconic language quest, To Speak as a Dragon.  The Draconic language is required for a few of the larger quest lines, most notably the Prismatic Weapon series of the original EverQuest II, and the Claymore series of Kingdom of Sky.  Unlike the majority of other language quests in the game, this quest is hard, and I would say as close to impossible as you could get.  That is unless you make use of sites like the EverQuest II Wiki or Allakhazam’s.

I first completed this quest when I was probably around level 60 with Davyydeous, and was 57 while doing it with Elrahir.  I could only imagine what this quest was like when EQII first launched and the level cap was 50.  First of all you needed to enter the Maiden’s Gulch raid instance and defeat Vyr’drais the Vicious, a 51^^^ Epic x2 just to speak with the Sage of Ages to get the quest.  This of course would be after slogging your way through Lavastorm to get there, which can be tough enough for level 50 characters, especially back then.

Next up on the quest of pain, would be making your way through Solusek’s Eye.  Personally, I love this zone, but only once I’ve out-leveled the mobs so that they’re no longer aggro.  When you actually have to fight your way down to the bottom, again remembering that level 50 was the cap and there weren’t any teleporters, Sol’s Eye is akin to having your finger nails ripped out one by one, drawn out over a period of three hours.

Finally, after reaching the bottom of Sol’s Eye, and speaking to Majordomo Inferinus, the real hard part of the quest starts.  You now must travel throughout the lands of Norrath searching for 26 runes.  You get no hint as to where they may be, no help at all, just the name of the runes, which also offers no clues as to the whereabouts.  Now, these aren’t big, huge, obvious looking things, rather, some are books, some scrolls, all tucked away in unassuming parts of Norrath.  I pity the poor souls who tried doing this quest without having a list of their locations available to them, because some of them are in spots I would never, ever, think to look.

Fortunately for me, I used the EverQuest II Wiki, and as a result, Elrahir is able to speak Draconic after a few short hours of questing.  There were mobs still aggro to me in Sol’s Eye, so I brought my wife’s level 70 character along for the ride along with another 70 friend and we whipped through the zone pain free.  Same for the Obelisk of Lost Souls and Permafrost, although Permafrost had a level 54^^^ Epic x2 sitting on top of one of the runes I needed.  To all those who actually did this quest without guidance, if there are any of you, I salute you!

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  1. Whats the matter? You couldn’t decipher the clues from the NPC dialogue? I often find those 3 sentence speech bubbles very informative.

    From the 3 sentences that I just wrote it should tell you how to find the lost village of Kugup.

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