A Well Needed Rest

Here I sit, on vacation in Florida, a laptop perched precariously on my lap making use of someone’s open wireless router (thank you, unsuspecting internet provider!), and I feel as though something is missing.  Just six months ago I was visiting my sister’s family and for almost the entire trip EverQuest II was on my mind.  I couldn’t stop thinking of all the raids I was missing, the gear I wasn’t getting, and all the quests that I wasn’t progressing.  This vacation has been different.  Aside from starting up this post, I haven’t thought of EQ2 at all; I haven’t been missing it.  I suppose it’s time to face facts and come out and admit that I’ve got “the burnout”. 

I’m craving something different.  In the week or two leading up to this Florida vacation I had loaded up Oblivion again, started a new character, and started the game over from scratch.  I instantly fell in love with it, and Oblivion soon had taken over the majority of my play time on the computer.  By no means do I consider it the greatest game of all time, but it sure was a refreshing break from EQ2.  It was nice to feel involved in a story again, doing quests that further drew me into the world and made me feel important.  I think that’s the main thing that’s been missing from EQ2 for me lately.  Quite frankly I’m getting bored of the solo quest lines in Rise of Kunark.  I’m currently working on the quests in Fens with my wife, but they’re all essentially the same: run to the area with all the NPCs with feathers over their heads.  Talk to them all, getting all the quests.  Bring up the first listed quest in the journal.  Run off and kill/harvest x number of mob/node y.  Lather, rinse, and repeat for the remaining quests in the area.  Run back to the NPCs and turn in the quests while receiving the next quest.  Repeat.  From what I can tell, this is pretty much what I’ll be doing until my toon reaches level 75ish and can start hitting up some of the instances.  That scenario just doesn’t appeal to me right now. 

So, what to do?  For the immediate future, I’m going to continue enjoying my vacation, not thinking of EQ2.  When I get back home, I’m sure I’ll keep enjoying Oblivion while gaming alone, and working on those solo quests when my wife feels like playing EQ2.  I’ve also started reading up on Vanguard a little more, and my pull towards that game is as strong as ever.  Personally, I very much enjoyed my time with the Vanguard beta, and fully intend on playing it some day.  That day may be drawing near, but I don’t know if I’m quite ready to commit to that just yet.  Ultimately, I’m just glad I won’t be thinking about a computer game while walking down the beach tomorrow.

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  1. I am so jealous about Florida. When every direction is snow, beaches and sunshine seem so foreign.
    Your talk of Oblivion gave me regrets that I never ended up finishing Morrowind. Perhaps I will fire up the old Xbox tonight and see where I left my character. I just got nostalgic for the talking Mudcrab exploit to get major gold and the one city I can’t go to because the guards have a ”Kill on Site” order in my regards. So I killed the Chancellor? I’m an assassin! That’s what I do!
    I guess I am one of the few who are actually enjoying this EQ2 expansion. Wasn’t it last 2 expansions that most people were complaining that they were stuck with a number of unfinished quests in their journal because they needed a group and couldn’t find one? Being one of the least wanted tank classes I am enjoying my independence being able not to have to depend on others to get to level 80. I am also enjoying the LGF comments in 70-79 chat requesting tanks. How the tables have turned that the last expansions forced tanks to go into retirement and the emergence of DPS and support classes has left groups without a meatshield. I am not saying that tanks are sought after for raiding because they are still being passed over for an empty slot in hopes it will be filled with a Dirge. I am saying that I can finally quest with independence and for once feel useful to a group rather than a burden because I wasn’t wearing cloth. Sure once everyone starts to hit level 80 and the solo quests dry up there will only be instances left and raid content and support classes will once again be sought after, but at least I will have decent gear obtained from do-able quests.
    I think SOE has really upped the “fun level” in this expansion. They made a grind that is has less of a feeling of a grind. It has also given me an opportunity to duo again with my girlfriend. We haven’t had the feeling of conquering the world by ourselves since we were guildless only depending on each other and PUGs to make it through our quests, a feeling of vindication when I snatched that contested named from that other group in the distance, laughing at the other group who snatched the named from us only to get a wooden chest.
    Bottom line: I like it. I’m sure SOE will cater to a different crowd next expansion but the quality keeps getting better and the variety that this game offers at this moment sure makes me keep playing.

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