Walking on Air

Spawn of KojukoI had a busy weekend in the “real world” so I didn’t get much time to play Vanguard, but in the time I did have I managed to get to level 11, oh yeah, end-game here I come!  I’ve enjoyed the quests so far, even though they have mostly been of the “kill x number of creature y” variety, the story behind them is at least engaging enough to keep my interest.  After choosing which version of Jin (light or dark) I was going to follow, I was set off on a series of trials to prove my worthiness.  While doing some of the quests I came across the Spawn of Kojuko who was kind enough to pose for my screenshot before charging at me.  I turned tail and ran like a true warrior would.  He managed one swipe at me which knocked my health bar down to a sliver, but that just made me run faster and I managed to escape.

In one of the trials I was teleported to the top of a very high mountain overlooking Tanvu, and was supposed to talk with a Lao’Jin master, Master Chuun.  The view from the top of the mountain was incredible so I just had to look around and perhaps grab a screenshot or two before speaking with the Master.  I could almost see the entire island from where I was, including the city of Tanvu far below.  I inched my way closer to the edge of the mountain for a better look, but I apparently inched a little too far forward as I fell off the edge and began plummeting towards the ground below.  I uttered an “oh crap” but just then my quest updated with a ding and I successfully completed Chuun’s trial.  I never did speak to him, so I’ll just assume his trial was going to ask me to put my faith in Jin and jump off the mountain.

Jalen’s CrossingA little later on, while walking around doing some quests near Magi Hold, I came across Kagero Skyhoof, Pegasus Master.  After talking with her I learned that I could rent a Pegasus for ten minutes at a cost of ten silver.  I did a quick inventory check to find that I had 22 silver, and 98 copper to my name.  Ten silver was feeling like a lot of money, but this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Jalen’s CrossingThe ten minutes literally flew by, pun intended.  I ended up flying south to Ca’ial Brael and saw some pretty cool stuff along the way such as Jalen’s Crossing, the giant bridge pictured.  The ten minutes expired just as I was flying over Ca’ial Brael which is a gorgeous looking city.

Shrine of TimeI then headed west from Ca’ial Brael to Tawar Galan which is right on the coast.  I found a mount vendor nearby and decided to spend what little money I had left on a Young Dusky Brown Horse which left me with four copper in my pockets.  I had a long journey back to Tanvu though, so I figured it’d be worth it.  Hey, who doesn’t like having a horse?  The horse I bought is the slowest one available, but it’s still pretty cool trotting around on a horse.  I made my way back to Jalen’s Crossing where I found a teleporter which zapped me back to Tanvu which is right where I needed to be for my next set of quests.  I happened to see in the out of character chat that at around level fifteen or so I may be ready to explore some of the other continents, so I’m looking forward to that.  I may even get brave enough in the coming days to try grouping, but I’ll have to see, because I still feel like a complete noob in this game.

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  1. You can get a free horse from doing diplomacy, just as a heads up before spending money *grins*

    Flying around on rented mounts is a LOT of fun, and you get to see some incredible views.

  2. From your first impressions how would you rate your experiences in Vanguard as compared to EQ2?
    Maybe compare the playability, fun factor, and enviornments for us that are considering leaving EQ2 for Vanguard.

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