Character Profile: Warghoul

Level 80 Human Shadow Knight
Level 73 Alchemist
Status: Main, Active Raiding

WarghoulWarghoul has been my main since I started playing Everquest 2 just a few weeks after release. I am by no means a hardcore player but I have pretty much seen it all in this game. I was there when a death meant you had to collect your corpse and I was there when killing Darathar was actually a feat not many could do. About a year ago I joined a casual raiding guild which has allowed me to see end game content that not every casual player would see. We are currently raiding tier 8 content and progressing slowly but surely towards Veeshan’s Peak, currently in The Temple of Kor-Sha. In between I am having fun playing an alt that I will introduce at a later time and progressing towards getting my heroic epic weapon. It seems helping guildies get their epics has put me behind the curve of the rest of the guild but I am always happy to tank.

Being a Shadow Knight in Everquest 2 at the moment is bitter sweet. Raiding guilds do not go out of their way to recruit SKs or any other plate fighters other than Guardians, which has left the game a little short of level 80 tanks. I have been given the role within our raiding force of being DPS with the occasional task of stepping in to tank upon demand. This has forced me to carry 2 specs and lug 2 complete sets of armor and weapons around Norrath with me at all times. Some say that the SK is the jack of all trades and it is proven true to me.

I can say though that I love playing this class. I hope to bring some tales to this blog that will continue Davy’s EQ2 coverage as well as my opinions and maybe even a little guild drama.

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