Venril Sathir

Venril“Your job is to click on the statues.” Seems simple doesn’t it? Let me break down what I really had to do.

Our raiding force decided to finally enter Venril Sathir’s Lair deep in Seblis. Feeling empowered after doing quite well in the Temple of Kor-Sha, beating everything except for The Overking, Selrach Di’Zok, Venril was a target that we were curious about and thought we would take a crack at. So there I was staring into Venril’s throne room watching Venril himself floating 3 feet off the ground with his arms folded glaring at our raid force.

“Just run up to him, Feign Death, and the encounter will reset so you can set up camp behind the boss and be in clicking position to the statues.”

I did exactly as instructed and there I was actually 2 feet away from Venril looking at 2 tiny statues tucked neatly behind an alter. “The statues will turn green at which point you need to click on them to disarm them. This will happen through the whole encounter so you have to be Mr. Johnny-on-the-spot.”

I moused over the statues for practice.

“Everybody in the raid MUST keep their power between 40% and 60% at all times, other wise Venril will cast a shit storm on the raid.” Basically, during this fight I would have no clue as to what the rest our raid was doing. I can only hear Ventrillo and the sounds of battle behind me. My focus was the statues and my power. I heard the call for the first pull. I put on my “Sprint” and watched my power begin to drain. All at once, both statues began to glow green and vibrate. Smokey fumes erupted from them like an old steam pipe ready to blow. I disarmed them.

“Warghoul! WTF! Your power is way below 40%!”

In my clicking haste I forgot to turn off my power draining Sprint. I turned it off and clicked my Manastone which didn’t do a whole lot so I clicked my Power Shard increasing my power a little past 40%.

“WTF! Adds! Warghoul! Did you disarm the statues?”

Warghoul vs VenrilApparently I had missed the statues changing green in my concern for keeping my power levels in check. The statues were farting noxious gas and convulsing, “Adds” spawned and systematically assaulted my guildmates. I watched the raid window as my comrades fell one by one and their screams of pain echoed behind me. I clicked the statues frantically as if my late disarming would take away the previous 10 seconds. I sheepishly apologized to my guildmates and stated that clicking statues isn’t as easy as it sounds.

After countless pulls and “Mendor Bots”, the raid was called leaving Venril victorious and our guild’s spirits in the shitter. Various reasons were had for the wipes but I can only take credit for the first one.

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  1. Sounds like fun. Question though. How long do you have to click the statues before you get wtfpwnt? If it’s not too long, would it be easier with a one person per statue?

  2. The statues seem to activate once every 10 seconds or so. After doing some research on the encounter I found that it will be a totally random after the mob’s health reaches a certain point. I can’t confirm this myself until we hit the zone again. I think I am the only person that my guild is willing to sacrifice as all the healing and DPS is needed\wanted on the mob as I am the dispensable SK mascot.

  3. It sounds kinda like the Magtheridon fight in World of Warcraft. Good luck getting the boss down and don’t nub it up next time Mr. Sprint.

  4. Well, I had a similar situation.

    I will label this story “SSC rape in the butt”

    It was awesome / awful at the same time.

    I joined this guild being one of the locks that outputs top DPS, but now I do nothing for damage…
    I felt like the biggest noob in this raid… One of the lock was telling me to join a channel…(never done that before) so for 10 minutes I was figuring out how to talk in this channel I joined…

    I never use Curse Of Elements or Curse Of Shadow …ever… so this was new to me (the other warlock had to ask me if my COE button was broken.)

    Then… A pally joined the channel and said “Hey Ch00 casting while reflect is up is not a good way to stay alive. Dotting yourself is not friendly. STOP FUCKING CASTING!!”

    *I just got into a dot haze, not really paying attention. Honestly I thought it was just a absorb shield…lol*


    There was one boss fight that required you to “defeat your inner demon”. Pretty much, it’s this little shadow that wails on you until you kill it. I didn’t know it was a 10-15 second ordeal, i thought you had some time to kill it. Here’s the funny thing, if you don’t kill the “inner demon” it takes control of your charachter and the raid has to kill you.

    yeah…i didn’t kill my inner demon..

    I’m the highest DPSer…and i couldn’t kill mine..

  5. Venril is bugged 25% of the time,- that sucks. A good idea is to have a 3 grp clas A raid. Fewer people means fewer screw ups. Make sure u have shards and hearts rdy+ an illu wich u make a macro for if u get to low. Slow and easy and a good raid leader will make this happen.- But still… its the fight nobody likes, and it will cost repairs.

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