Ding! Level 1

Tomorrow, Friday March 21, will mark the one year anniversary of Timesink, party hats for everyone! In all honesty, I can’t say I predicted that I’d keep up with this for a year, but here I am.

Prior to Timesink, I had maintained a personal blog where I talked about various things, games included, but it was mostly about my family as we prepared for the birth of my daughter. I was always hesitant to talk about games there because I knew that it would be of very little interest to those that read the blog, in addition to my fear of outing myself as the geek that I am. In the meantime, I had a friend at work who would consistently bug me to start a gaming blog, more specifically, an EverQuest II blog. I call this friend “The Great Enabler“. Most of his sentences start with “It would be totally awesome if you…”, the key word being “you“. It would be totally awesome if you did this, or you did that. I usually resist “the totally awesome thing of the week”, but quite often, my will depleted, I give in. To date, I’ve been talked into playing the Mechwarriors clix game, Warhammer 40k, Dungeons and Dragons, and EverQuest II. I stood firm on starting a gaming blog however, and thought I’d get away with it too, but of course, given that you’re reading this right now, I eventually gave in.

At the time, we were regular readers of Aggrome, the first EQII related blog we found. When Aggro stopped posting daily about EQII, January-ish 2007, a great void opened up in my browsing routine, and as each day went by without a new Aggro post, the “Great Enabler’s” voice started to rise up again from the dark recesses of my mind. On March 21, 2007, I gave in to the pressure welling up inside me, and published Timesink. I had no delusions of grandeur, in fact, I figured the blog would be read solely by my “game buddies” at work, which would have given me a readership totaling three. Imagine my surprise when on March 30th, a comment was left on the site from a total stranger, Gaff, from the Trot Line blog. This was both a bit of a thrill for me, and quite nerve wracking as well. Someone other than my “circle of friends” was reading the blog. Soon after, I started seeing links back to Timesink on other blogs, and traffic to the site steadily increased, especially after a couple of my posts appeared on EQ2-Daily, and SOE’s Town Crier. Yep, I had hit the big time!

Now, a year later, the site has changed a little bit. I no longer play EQII and have started talking more about other games. To keep abreast of all things EQII, the “Great Enabler“, also known as Joe, has joined Timesink to post about his exploits in EQII. This will be a good thing for Timesink, as content should come sooner and more often. The downside to this is that the “Great Enabler” has started whispers of creating a podcast. NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN.

I still enjoy doing this blogging thing, and definitely still enjoy playing games, so between myself and Joe we should have lots of stuff to talk about here. Lots of games have been discussed on this site in the past, like Vanguard, Oblivion, and Company of Heroes, but EQII has certainly been the major theme to this point, and I don’t see that changing.

That said, there is one major MMO that has never been discussed here before…

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  1. Congrats on the Anniversary of your site. Thanks for letting me post on Timesink.

    When I see a place or opportunity for great potential I tend to “push it” a little. It gives me something to read at work anyway. Since Aggrome stopped posting about EQ and “Websense” has been implemented in the office I was forced to go to more alternative sites and smaller blogs. ie. anything that doesn’t have games in the title or anything from blogspot. This also made me realize that “If they could do it,we could do it.” Or namely Dave could do it. If I could be his scape goat excuse for creating something cool (great enabler) that isn’t so bad. I have been called much much worse.

    Now that Dave has a “secret MMO” that he has been playing we can compare game mechanics and have dual perspectives on the MMO genre.

  2. “I no longer play EQII”
    “but EQII has certainly been the major theme to this point, and I don’t see that changing.”

    Wow, quite the quick change from uhms.. the post 5 days ago about Venril Sathir…

    I think I missed something.

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