Another knight in the temple

Warghoul MA!Being third plate fighter in a raiding guild places me in an interesting position. Not Main Tank and not Main Assist. It puts me in the awkward position of having to pick up adds if things go wrong and usually puts me in the caster group with no fighter buffs in a DPS spec with DPS gear equipped.. Luckily, a Shadow Knight has damage spells which can take advantage of the occasional Troubador that joins the group. That is my usual placement in our raiding structure.
Last night as we were beginning our assault on The Temple of Kor-Sha, word came down that our usual MA would not be available. I didn’t have to worry about taking over MA duties because our Bruiser would be able to take that role. I was then moved up into the group that our usual MA occupied.
Now, DPS for me has always been a challenge. I have to work HARD for it. Refining my gear, maximizing spell order, making sure to debuff before throwing a certain spell to maximize the damage. I had never made the top 6 positions of the Damage parse ever. On this night I learned that it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know. With a Dirge in my group along with an Illusionist, a Fury (Agitate me!), a Mystic (Bolster!), and a Swashbuckler I was 4th on the Damage Parse list. All time highs. I was drunk with power giddily laughing at the destruction I was dishing out.
All at once as I was in my glory…
“Warghoul, we are going to need you to MA tank!”
“But, but, but… “
Selrach DizokI was maliciously thrown into the secondary group and buffed for hit points and defence. I stripped off my DPS gear and threw on my Tank gear. I stared with regret at my AA spec and wished that I had used my respect mirror to spec for Hate.
The first pull on trash went fairly smoothly. Losing aggro wasn’t really an issue as our Guardian could take the mob at will and he did. Feeling confident we went into the next battle. This was my first named mob I had tanked in Tier 8. I pulled Uthak the Cruel while our Guardian kept Aktar the Dark occupied and our Bruiser plucked the mezzed adds one by one. I popped every trick in my SK arsenal to keep Uthak on me, losing aggro only once and yelped for my Dirge to “Magnetic Note” it back to me. It went like clockwork and before too long the encounter ended with us being the victors. Our luck continued all the way to the twins Zarda and Kodux.
Kodux was my target. The goal was to keep the twins separated and keep their health with in 10 percent of each other. All the while aggro switches from random target to random target teleporting the victim away from the tank.
To sum up the long battle up into a sentence: My throat was sore from the endless string of profanities that spewed from my mouth as I think I had aggro for about a total of 10 seconds throughout the long fight. Despite my frustration the twins fell on our first pull.
Warghoul down!We went toward the Overking and sized up the encounter. We have not yet beaten this boss and that night we failed again realizing quickly that we needed our standard raiding force and ended the raid early to leave a nearly empty zone for us to return.

3 Replies to “Another knight in the temple”

  1. As a tank, do you have spells or abilities that cause higher than normal threat? Or is your hold on the mob purely based on damage dealt?

  2. Tanks have “Taunts”. Basically they are spells. Other classes of tank have a different variety. Guardians, which are the uber tank, have more taunts and more powerful taunts. Shadow Knights have a single target taunt, group taunt, a stun taunt, and a snap aggro taunt. SKs also have a reactive hate builder that builds hate on a mob the more the SK gets hit. Pretty much if a Guardian has aggro on a mob it’s relatively hard for me to peel the mob off him. There is also gear which will proc threat and hate position.

    Make sense?

  3. Ok so your “taunts” are your hate builders then I take it. In World of Warcraft, a taunt simply puts you at the top of the aggro table for that mob and there are abilities that cause higher than normal amounts of hate.

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