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Lord XizOrdeth has been questing in Bloodmyst Isle lately, the second of the two major islands of the Draenei starting area in the Azuremyst Isles. One of the first quests I came across there was Declaration of Power, from Kessel at Kessel’s Crossing. The Naga from nearby Wrathscale Lair had attacked Kessel’s camp a few days earlier, and he wanted to send a message to their leadership. Ordeth was asked to deliver that message by finding the Naga’s leader, Lord Xiz, slay him, and then drive a Draenei banner through his dead body. Sweet, I like revenge quests. So off I went to slay some snake-people. Wrathscale Lair is an old night elf ruin just north east of Kessel. It didn’t take too long to hack and slash my way to its top, slaying Naga along the way, until I was face to face with Lord Xiz himself. Fueled by revenge, Ordeth made short work of Xiz and drove the Draenei banner through his skull. Message delivered.

Tzerak Being SummonedI’ve committed myself to make a conscious effort to really experience the content in World of Warcraft, and in that vein, I’m doing my best not to reference quest helper sites. The quest descriptions I’ve received so far have all done a very nice job of pointing me in the correct direction anyway, but I did come across one quest that had me hunting around Bloodmyst Isle for a while, searching for specific mushrooms. This has allowed me to see more of the area than I most likely would have if I just plotted a course for whatever coordinates I needed for my updates. While wandering around the other day I stumbled upon a ritual being performed by four Felsworn on top of some sort of glyph marking. Just as I was thinking to myself, “hmmm, looks like they’re summoning something,” a level 14 Felguard named Tzerak appeared, shouted something to the zone, and promptly killed the four summoners. It was pretty cool to watch, and as he started to walk away I quickly hopped down behind him and put an end to his short-lived existence. He ended up dropping Tzerak’s Armor Plate, which started the quest Signs of the Legion.

TzerakUpon inspecting Tzerak’s Armor Plate, Vindicator Aalesia in Blood Watch informed me that Tzerak and his group of minions in the area were renewing their contacts with the Burning Legion, and of course, if we don’t stop them, we will be overrun. The reason I point this quest out is because it is one of the many quests that tie in to the overarching Warcraft lore. I’m finding that one of the great benefits of actually reading the quest text has been that I’m increasingly drawn towards the lore, and subsequently drawn further into the world. It also helps a bit that I decided to play through Warcraft III before I entered WoW, and I’m often referencing WoWWiki to get background information on a lot of the characters I come across. It’s just really cool to see something in game that I previously saw or read about outside of WoW, and it furthers the illusion that my character really is in another world, not just another set of pixels on a screen.

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  1. It’s funny – I’m an EQ person all the way, but the shots you’ve been taking look pretty cool. The second one down must have been pretty awesome to see live.


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