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All by myself.What is a “proper” raid set up? Is it the perfect mix of classes, the mix of friends, making sure everyone is included, or making sure everyone in the guild is rotated fairly? If the former, there are countless threads with facts and opinions on EQ2Flames and other sites on the perfect class combination. If the later, what is fair?
I would hate to be a raid leader who has to decide who sits and who raids. The sole reason I raid nowadays is because my wife plays geared out Defiler. The only Defiler in the guild. Our guild is couples oriented where most of the people who play are husband and wife. Our raid leader often feels obligated to let the couples play together on raids otherwise giving those who would normally sit a raid spot.
Fact: Sony made Shadowknights the least desirable class to have on raids.
Fact: We have 2 SKs in our guild and I, being the less uber, am often asked to sit.
Fact: I am hooked up with a highly desirable Defiler and a raid leader who allows us to play together. Yay for me!
This last fact often makes me feel guilty for making another class who clearly is needed on the raid sit out. And this last fact has led to a tiny tidbit of guild drama that happened on our forums and in game.
The crux of the drama can be summed up in one quote:
“What kind of a raiding set up allows 2 Guardians, 2 SKs, and Bruiser to raid while sitting out a Necromancer?”
If I break it down this is what happened.
1 Guardian is our MT (need him), 1 Guardian is an officer and is learning the encounters to be MA (need him), 1 Bruiser is DPS and an officer (I guess we need him), 1 ShadowKnight is former MA and officer (I guess we need him), and 1 ShadowKnight who is poorly speced for tanking and has a hot Defiler wife (Yay for me!). On the flip side, we asked a DPS, life burning, rezzing, FDing Necro to sit.
It doesn’t take a Rocket Surgeon to see who should be sitting. I am more than willing and my feelings don’t get hurt when I am asked to sit. I watch jealously over my wife’s shoulder as she sees zones that I only wish I were playing in.
My “Finest” moment that I will never forget is when I was asked to sit out of my first DeathToll run. I was talking about it for a week before hand I was so excited that I was finally going to see this end game zone I only saw in random screenshots. At the last moment I was sat out for an empty spot because the officers decided my resists weren’t high enough and in hopes someone “better” would log in. The spot remained empty till the end of the raid. I sucked it up and laughed about it… after. This also happened the night our guild finally took Pawbuster down. BUT I AM OVER IT!!!!
Issues like this seem to bring the worst out of our guild members. Feelings get hurt and people type with out thinking first. Going into a raid tonight the issue is still up in the air.
Should be interesting…

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  1. This sounds like a way bigger issue in EQ than it is in World of Warcraft. As guild leader of a “hardcore” raiding guild, I find that we have to leave a few people out of raids but we still award dkp to them. Usually the way invites go, is it’s first come, first serve with a but of switching around depending on the encounter and how many healers/tanks we have. Generally though, people are usually willing to step out for someone who needs the loot from the boss.

    For example, the other night we went into Mt. Hyjal and I stepped out for our newer Protection Paladin so he could get the experience in tanking there. I needed some loot, but I figured I’ll be back in there again and again anyway. No rush.

  2. My husband plays a Shadowknight in a VP flagged 6-raids-a-week raid guild, so I know the trials and tribulations well. I on the other hand, played an end game templar, illusionist, coercer, troubador, and other random characters that were more ‘needed’ on raids.

    We both worked really hard to not have him ‘let into raids’ because of the character I was playing. I wanted them to want HIM not want him because of me. Made me feel badly other wise. We found it best to play in separate guilds for this exact reason.

    Now that I’ve switched games completely, and his guild runs with 1 guardian 1 bruiser 1 shadowknight 1 zerker, things are going much nicer. I don’t feel like I “got him in” to any raiding guilds on my coat tails, and they know his worth as a player.

  3. He’s being modest, he’s a damn find SK and now that ROK is out he’s a hot commodity for groups!!

    I do agree with him about the raids, some guilds will not take tanks anymore, heck, I’ve even been asked to betray from a defiler to a mystic to get into a good raiding guild. I guess if boils down to how important is raiding to you.

    Ask him about his troubadour and what kind of offers he’s been getting…there’s a lot of love for the right class.


  4. I recently betrayed to a paladin and then cancalled my account due to some of the reasons expressed in this column. I played a kerra sk on the kithicor server, and before that , on the neriak server, for 3 1/2 years, and i finally gave up a few weeks ago at the idea of the shadowknight class being viable in raids, and some top end instances. As a pally, i had 500 more hp, 10 percent more avoidence, and over 450 more power, in exactly the same gear than my sk. and before people say , your gear sucks, i had legendary and fabled gear with over 11k hp as an sk, with everything adep 3 or master before i betrayed. I wish other sk’s well becuase clearly the class needs a huge overhaul

  5. In my opinion SKs are the coolest concept and looking class in the game. Too bad the actual playability doesn’t live up to the image. I have a blast playing an SK and wish there were more reasons to include them in the end game raiding scene.

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