I’m a Sheep! I’m Dead!

Forest SongTaking a break from questing the other day, I decided to do some exploring and uncover some flight paths. I left Auberdine in Darkshore and headed south towards Astranaar in Ashenvale. Ashenvale is contested territory but I wasn’t really too worried about running into any Horde players around Astranaar, and sure enough, the short trip was uneventful. I then headed east, Forest Song being my new destination. I was a little more on edge for this trip because it would take me past Splintertree Post, one of the Horde flight path outposts. In all honesty, I was actually hoping to run into a Horde player and to this end I made sure to stick to the roads, out in the open, nice and vulnerable. I veered off the path as I approached Warsong Lumber Camp to mine a node and just a few seconds after doing so, I saw a level 27 Troll Mage running by along the path. Given that I was level 22 at the time, and admittedly, a complete World of Warcraft newbie, I assumed I wouldn’t stand much chance against him, so I let him pass by, hoping he didn’t see me. He continued to run, so I figured I was in the clear, and I timidly creeped back toward the path, keeping the Troll well within my sights. He stopped. I stopped.

First PvP DeathFor what felt like a minute, we stood motionless, sizing each other up. It’s moments like this where heroes are born, where an underdog can rise up and overcome the odds. I chose to panic. I punched my Ghost Wolf spell, and the Troll started towards me as I leapt into the forest, running as fast as I could go, never to look back again. The Troll apparently had other plans and *poof*, I was transformed into a sheep. No longer able to control my character I waddled aimlessly around, with a “baa baa” here and a “baa baa” there. The instant the sheep spell wore I off I tried to run away again, only to get stuck against a hill I was unable to climb up. More panic sunk in. I was trapped, I had nowhere to go. I turned to run another way and could just barely make out the Troll licking his lips before a giant fireball arose from his fingers and hurtled through the air towards me. Faster than you could say “learn 2 play” I was killed, my cowardly corpse slumped on the ground. My first PvP death came at the hands of a Troll Mage named… Firekhroch. All fear the Firekhroch.

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